Hugtto! Precure Episode 27

Good grief, it looks like we have officially reached the stage of ‘filler’ episodes. Ugh, I really hope this doesn’t last too long… I just want our main trio to interact with each other properly, and add more depth to both Homare’s and Saaya’s character as much as they can before it is too late!

Because I don’t really care for this kind of theme, it was no surprise that the episode didn’t resonate with me. But I will say I was really taken aback by how much detail they went into the whole process of showing the mother in labour and all that stuff. The problem is, I didn’t find Uchifuji-Sensei funny at all. While I understood why he was freaking out and was so overwhelmed with worry of whether or not he will be a good father, I just couldn’t find it in me to care about his dilemma. Charleet being there didn’t really add much to it except for the fact because he dances (what????), he has this natural posture that comforts babies or something, I don’t know- I thought it was super weird. Then he and Harry had a face off of who was more handsome and all that stuff, because the ladies were gushing about how Harry was a young handsome father. Yeah…. it didn’t do it for me.

And so that’s why I felt like this episode was a waste of time. It didn’t add anything to the plot, except for one, and maybe two details (if they actually decide to follow up on it). The first one was revealing how Dr. Trauma is Lulu’s father (or creator, since she’s an android and all), therefore makes her his ‘daughter’ so to speak. Truth to be told, I am more surprised he even cares about her than being connected to her… because what the heck? This isn’t the first time he has faced her, and now we are supposed to believe he has gushy feelings about complying to his ‘daughter’s friends’ fight conditions?! Come on! Frankly, I am disappointed it had to be revealed this way.

The second was the potential indication of Saaya’s dream changing. There was this sparkle in her eyes of inspiration, where it dawned to her how she might be interested in working in this medical field. I think this is an opportunity to flesh out her character (but frankly, I am not holding my breath for it). There was definitely a sparkle in Saaya’s eyes that we haven’t seen from her when she talks about her dreams of following her mother’s footsteps. On top of that, I would like to see this happen because Hana is the only one who hasn’t figured out what she wants to do yet, but having someone like Saaya’s dream change, we could potentially see a change in priorities (possibly less auditions, and spend more time researching this field) and reinforce it’s normal for dreams to change.

Next week, it’s a ‘love’ theme apparently… with Homare’s dog. Since Bishin will be back in the picture, I hope they won’t be watered down as Dr. Trauma and Gelos has been. Let the enemies do their thing okay? They are supposed to be stronger than the earlier bunch! That being said, I’m not expecting much out of this one, but I would be happy if they were to prove me wrong!


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3 Responses

  1. Bibi says:

    I don’t know about it, do you ever thought about dropping Hugtto anytime? While the show itself is fine, reading through your reviews recently gives me the feeling you’re loosing interested with the more episodes to come by. (same could be said for VRAINS, too)

    • Eva says:

      As long as I am interested/invested in the show, I will continue to cover it. I’m not the type to force myself to do it if I absolutely hate it. Right now I understand Hugtto! Precure is in that phase where nothing really happens before the final fight finally happens, and I know patience is necessary, and this kind of things happens in almost every one of their series around this point too. I am hoping we will be back to get back on track with the story sooner than later though, because there are still a lot that needs to be addressed.

      That being said: while I may not always have favourable opinions about the show (and that should be expected with a series like Hugtto that has had it’s ups and downs), it’s because I care about the show that I will call them out on the missed opportunities and glaring flaws. And the same can be said about VRAINS.

      • littleshogun says:

        I agree with what you said here in regard of called of missed opportunities, so well said on that matter. Also good review like usual, even though I rarely comment on this as of now. As for your comment on Saaya’s changing dream, let’s just hope that the writer will handle this well. Oh, and if you want to look for the climax, perhaps you can wait until episode 31 later because HugPC apparently will get the power up.

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