Attack on Titan s3 Episode 4 [Useful NPCs]

Most of this episode focuses on the intrigue of the Military Police arc. While there are definitely some cool animation moments nothing is as satisfying as the beautiful flowing animation of episode 2. This episode focuses on the testing of a few members of the military police, and the machinations of dealing with the people within the walls. The best part of the episode is centered around Flegel Reeves. At first he seems like a fat loser who is too afraid of the military police to do anything: but he gets saved by Hanji, and she is the most persuasive character in this series. Levi beats people and makes them terrified, but Hanji is insane and brilliant enough to make everyone lose it. Also, “You have a point” is the best way to respond to someone talking about how useless they are. A plus for our resident psychologist, Hanji Zoe! The most poignant line of the show comes for me in this episode, “All the scout regimen has ever known is defeat” is such a true statement. All these years of absolute defeat are all they’ve known.

That mentality is what is so great about them: the leaders of the Scouts are so used to defeat that it’s almost a game. How perfect, how determined, and how strong do they have to be to finally win? If they win then it means a genuine victory for all of humanity, at least the humans who have lived inside the walls all of these years, but if they lose then it’s just another day. I feel as if the audience of the show isn’t nearly as desensitized as most of these people, I shudder at some of the violent displays of gore in the show. But these guys? Eh, just another loss for them. Better get back to it and see if things go better the next round.

Levi and the others capture a few of the military police who go on an impassioned speech about how the Scouts think they’re heroes. Levi has the same look I do which is essential “lol no kid ur whole world is a lie”. Once they break the news that Annie was actually a titan suddenly the Military police members want to join. Obviously they aren’t going to trust this right away so they tested them as well: by having Jeanne act like he was going to kill them. If they really knew anything about them they’d know he’s the biggest weenie, the reason I love him most of all, but it seems like they pass temporarily. Weird.

Regel was a coward early in the episode, but what he does next is glorious. He baits out a confession in front of a bunch of witnesses so a ton of people are suddenly aware of the issues of the military police. And, in a shot almost as legendary as Ackerman time, sits on the head of a dude to keep him in his custody. What a freakin’ hero.

However, not all is triumph in this world. Erwin has been tortured and now it seems his fate is sealed: Erwin is asked if he has any last words in the final seconds of the episodes. DAD NO!

Tune in next week to see how my soul will be broken into pieces in the newest episode of Attack on Titan!




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