Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100 Nin no Ouji-sama Ep 1 [Quick Look]

Well this is disappointing. I was hoping this would at least be a decent show, but… This has to be one of the worst premieres I have seen in a while. This is one of the few occasions when I know that it will be impossible for me to cover this show.

The Opening Theme alone, was the biggest red flag. Ooof…. As soon as it started, I started to have my doubts about the show. While the Opening Song was beautiful, it was just a terrible way to kick off the show because it was more like a lullaby that was ready to put me to sleep. The opening theme consisted still-images of the characters from start to finish. It failed to give us any substance of what to look expect from this show. If it wasn’t already bad enough, not even 3 minutes into the episode, and I was already snoozing off, and that is a serious problem.

Then they proceeded to “explain” the way the world works in a span of 30 seconds. It was such a jumbled mess and so rushed, I didn’t even remember half of what they said until I went back to check. I also disliked how the “Princess” (Heroine who has no name) was able to summon a prince right off the bat. She just went along with the suspicious creature that calls itself Navi, claiming she is the Princess of Traumere and was told she is the only one who can awaken the Princes to defeat the Dream Eaters. I didn’t like how she just went with the flow, in fact, for pretty much the entirety of the episode, Navi was steamrolling her. It also didn’t help how she lacks a personality, where’s the fire in her? She tried to make herself useful by cutting the binds between Avi and Kiel, almost chopping Kiel’s head off in the process- but at that point, I had already given up on the show, mainly in part because the two princes were introduced this episode were just as boring. I didn’t find them charming at all. Sure they look good, but there was nothing memorable about them. Nothing made me think, “Oh he seems interesting! I would like to get to know him more!” It is a shame the it had to be that way, because the animation quality is quite nice…. What a bummer.

There are maybe one or two things that caught my attention in regards to potential plot goodies, but based on what I have seen, I don’t think this show will be worth my time.

Possibility of Blogging/Watching: Not Happening


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