Satsuriku no Tenshi – Episode 1[First Impressions]

Let’s start by summing up the events of the episode.
Rachel remembers vaguely being in the hospital for counseling after witnessing the death of people. However, she is no longer in the hospital and in a strange and unfamiliar building. She is dazed and confused, her memories a blur. She wanders out of the room with the intention of looking for her parents and finds herself facing questions. Who is she? Why is she there?
Is she an angel, or a sacrifice? A announcement says that she has been chosen as a sacrifice as she backs into a elevator and it brings her up to a different floor. Or is it a floor at all? It seems like a city. She walks out into it, still wanting to find her parents.

In the city, she finds a injured bird and goes to help it. When suddenly, right in front of her. It dies, as a man with a scythe attacks her. He wants to chase her down and kill her, he gives her a head start and she runs and hides. He makes some good attempts, but she alludes his capture in the end and escapes to another elevator that takes her to another floor.

On the next floor she finds a doctor. Claiming to be the doctor that was doing her counseling at the hospital and that the guy with the scythe is a murderer who can’t get her here. She’s safe with him.
Then proceeds to make multiple off comments that should of been a giant red flag and made her run from him screaming. I’ll get to that later though, they move through the floor and he takes her to various rooms and she finds more writing on the wall.
It speaks of desire and she asks about what it means and he says it can be different for everyone. For example, for him, he desires her eyes. Strong, young, beautiful blue eyes, just like his mothers eyes.

His mother who hung herself. His mother who died.

He brings her to an operating room and has her go into the back to find the right pair of false eyes for him. His own pair. She goes in and they obtain the eyes and he sends her into the other room, saying he’s going to put them in and then at long last tells her not to run or she’ll regret it.
This is when she decides something is wrong and she should run. You know, not while they were out in the open. When she’s locked in a room and he’s warned her not to run or she’ll regret it.

She rips open the door with a crowbar but the doctor is back. He warned her, he grabs her and pins her to the operating table. With two iris’s, and his tongue hanging out like some kind of lizard. He says he’ll reunite her with her parents, in hell. Her eyes go dark as she begins to remember, that’s right…
They’re dead. She’s supposed to be dead as well. So why is she here?
It would probably be the end for her if the guy with the scythe didn’t come in and knock the doctor in the head. Killing him? Can you kill something that probably isn’t human to begin with? Well anyway, he goes to kill her but it’s no good. She’s not responding and he utters probably the best line in the episode.

“I’m a grown man, i’m not into cutting up dolls.”

The announcement that played earlier for him plays. Saying that a person from floor B6 attacked a person of floor B5 and had broken a rule, he was now a sacrifice. Which probably means nothing good for him. He can’t get the elevator to move either.
Rachel gets up from the table and walks to the man with the scythe and asks him for a favor. She wants him, to kill her.

That’s where the episode ends. Oh god, alright. So I’m gonna level with you, I liked this a lot. I liked the animation, I liked the direction the story is going in. I liked the man with the scythe. What I didn’t like was Rachel. Oh my god, I haven’t felt the urge to scream at a character this badly in a long time.
I get it, you’re dazed. You’re confused. It does not mean you have an excuse to act like a total and complete idiot. I think a lot of my frustration with her came from the part of the episode on floor B5, it went from mild confusion on what was so abnormal about her that she would space out and stitch up a dead bird to try to make it look less pathetic…to straight up general frustration.
When a man implies he wants to rip your eyes out MULTIPLE TIMES you don’t just keep walking with him.

Well, whatever. Maybe the game explains that part better.That being said, I have not played the game for this. I am however, immensely interested after this episode.
This show has my attention. Let’s see what it can do.

Possibility of watching: High
Possibility of blogging: High


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2 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Satsuriku will have 16 episodes.

    Word is only 13 will air on normal Japanese TV, while the last 3 are online.
    This will likely not affect overseas online-only viewers.

    If you’re wondering how the anime compares to the source game, here’s a Youtube playthrough.

    The gameplay in this part roughly corresponds to most of Ep 1’s events.

    • MidnightDevont says:

      The game is 9.99$ on steam. I am considering maybe buying it. I was puzzled by the bizarre episode count, the fact that the final 3 will be online only actually makes a lot of sense.

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