Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu Episode 24 [Final Impression]

It’s the final episode and while it didn’t make as big of an impact as the first season’s finale did, there were still a lot of feels and some good ol’ action.

We start where we left off from last episode with Meliodas fighting against Fraudrin and even if I said it before, I’ll say it again, there is something VERY wrong with Meliodas. This is not how he normally fights. With threats like Fraudrin, he doesn’t drag it out for fun, he tries to finish it as soon as possible so that he could keep everyone else safe. However, we can clearly see he’s almost playing with him. Even Ban comments on how there’s something wrong.

Though it was hilarious how when Fraudrin spits up blood, it comes just a little under where his eyes are. I know that’s normally where the mouth would be, but his mouth is on his chest. WHY IS THERE BLOOD COMING FROM UP THERE???

As a last resort, Fraudrin attempts to self destruct, taking the rest of the Kingdom with him and everyone in it. Now, here I thought I’d never like Fraudrin and then the series decides to pull this on me. While pretending to be Dreyfus while he was in control, Fraudrin somehow grew a strong attachment to Griamore. If you really think about it, Fraudrin essentially raised Griamore all these years. When Griamore traps himself and Fraudrin inside of his ability, Wall, pleading for Fraudrin not to kill anyone, I nearly lost it. I got so many feels. Especially when Fraudrin became conflicted, even telling him to stop what he was doing and used the phrase “be a good boy” like a father would.

Gowther’s words from long ago rang in his head, asking if he could relate to throwing himself into the fight for the sake of the ones he loves. Initially, Fraudrin didn’t understand. However, after coming to essentially love Griamore like a son, he finally does. He pats Griamore on the head, promising him he won’t kill anyone anymore. This part literally killed me. Fraudrin was probably my least liked Ten Commandment for me UNTIL this episode. I never expected to get so much feels from him. The fact that he actually does have a heart and genuinely came to care for someone… UGH MY HEART. It just shows that despite how wicked the demon clan can be, they are capable of loving and caring for others… as we get to see later in the series.

Accepting his fate, Fraudrin tells Meliodas to kill him. His death was actually really sad to me, especially when Griamore cried out to stop. I know he was the one who killed Liz, but the way he was killed didn’t seem right. Especially how Meliodas just kind of smirks at the whole thing while one punching him into oblivion. Fraudrin deserved a better death… I never thought I’d say that. At that point, I think everyone was pretty shocked at how Meliodas heartlessly killed him.

I’m surprised that Merlin is actually completely aware of Meliodas’ curse. Though I suppose it makes sense how they seemed to have known each other the longest and were the ones to start searching for the other Deadly Sins. However, we are made very aware of how every time Meliodas dies, he is slowly regressing back to how he used to be as the heartless demon he was once known for. And when Merlin looks serious, you know something is wrong. Especially when even she thinks how terrible Fraudrin’s death was.

I was rewatching the last few episodes with my friend and I actually didn’t realize that the maraca knight died. Needless to say I was super upset because I didn’t realize it at the time and his death looked terrible, having been stabbed multiple times. But enough about him, my heart had to go out to Jericho in this scene (as you’d probably assume by this point). Especially with how Jericho states that she and Gustaf never got to really talk. It’s like the complete opposite of Ban and Zhivago where the two were able to make peace with what happened in the past, while Jericho and Gustaf never got to talk things out and the things left unsaid will forever be left hanging. I do love how Ban was a silent comfort and was there for her. Let me have this probably final moment for my ship.

I’m very conflicted with how I feel about Meliodas right now. I’ve always not cared about the guy that much, but he had his moments. And while I understand he feels somewhat bad for what he did and can’t look his friends in the faces anymore, the fact that he still feels great over killing Fraudrin the way that he did unsettles me. Yes, I know that he’s torn about slowly regressing back to the old him and it’s something he can’t control, but the whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It’s a very interesting character development he’s going through, I just personally am not a fan of Meliodas. So there’s that. Though he does drop a very interesting line of “he won’t be able to save her.” For those who haven’t read ahead in the manga, what could that possibly mean? There are still a lot of things we don’t know about Meliodas. When Elizabeth hugged him, telling him it was okay, I couldn’t help but think, “No, it’s NOT okay. What he did was WRONG.” It’s fine to comfort him when he’s afraid, but don’t ignore the terrible things he did.

The last bit of the episode is basically the cool down and also leaving headway for the next season (which will probably be a few years before it comes back up sadly). Lots of different reveals such as how Elaine is still alive but unconscious. Which also meant that Melascula is still alive. If you counted the hearts Ban destroyed, he had only destroyed six, leaving her with one. However, Zeldris, Gloxinia, Drole and Estarossa seemed to have also survived and are still at large. On a positive note, my girl Jericho seemed to have developed the ability to manifest ice, just like her brother and decides to once again train to be a Holy Knight that surpasses him. Go Jericho! Gowther is also released from his imprisonment. However, it’s a bit eerie when he suddenly changes from saying “I am the Seven Deadly Sin’s Goat Sin, Gowther” to “I am ‘Selfless’ of the Ten Commandments, Gowther.” I don’t know what’s going on with him, but from the looks of it, not anything good.

Final Thoughts:

I absolutely adore this series and it was an absolute blast watching this season. This season had its ups and downs, but overall, I think it was still pretty strong. We found out a lot more about the different characters, namely Meliodas, Gowther and Ban, while still having to look forward to more mysteries being revealed. Sadly, I think the next season won’t be coming out until after a few years. Guess I’ll just have to read up on the manga to see where the series will go.

The characters I didn’t expect to like as much as I do now would have to be Jericho and Fraudrin. Jericho became an absolute treasure throughout this season and Fraudrin redeemed himself by the last episode with his daddy feels, especially since I essentially hated him almost the entire season. I also didn’t expect to like a lot of the Ten Commandments as I found, Gallan, Monspeet, Derieiri, even Melascula to be amusing at times. (Estarossa is also a stud but I digress)

I love action adventure stories and I probably took a really great shine to this series because it reminded me a lot of the Tales games, especially the setting. I’m also glad we were finally introduced to the seventh sin and he did not disappoint. I love how in this series you don’t actually need to understand what is happening to enjoy it as the action is always super engaging. Especially since I actually started watching this series before watching the first season whoops. (don’t worry, I did go back and watch the first season before continuing farther into the second)

I’m sad to see this series go and I’m really eager to see the later arcs get animated. A solid 8/10 for this series!


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