Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS Episode 57

What the actual #!*$?
Okay raise of hands here, who actually believes what Bohman is saying?
Basically, he is claiming that the memories he has belongs to the real Yuusaku (which is why he identifies himself as the real one), whose consciousness has been somehow swapped with his Digital Data that was being backed-up..

I think it’s absolute bullshit, a psychological tactic to make Yuusaku waver by putting him in a distraught state of mind. This is because when we first met Bohman, he stole Jin’s consciousness after being told, should be succeed, the one running the show will return his and Haru’s memories. However the leader had no intention of doing so, and only said it to give him a purpose to fulfill the task and resets his memories. And this time, in anticipation for Yuusaku’s arrival to their hideout, they gave Bohman Yuusaku’s memories, and fed him a lie to provide him a drive to eliminate Yuusaku and rob him of his consciousness.

The only thing that I believe in this whole story, is the Back-Up Drives from the lost Incident. This would explain how and why the enemy is able to install memories. This also implies either a third party stole it, or it is someone involved with Sol Technology.

And the only way to prove that the memories Bohman currently has in his possession are real, if he has the ones that Yuusaku knows he is missing, and those are the ones prior to the Lost Incident. Another reason why I am skeptical of his claim is mainly because I believe it wasn’t Yuusaku’s consciousness that was switched, but the digital copy of himself was developed so thoroughly, that it is either convinced he is the real one, or had been fed a lie in order to give him the drive to take the real one down, and steal his consciousness. On top of that, if the Yuusaku we know was to be the digital copy all long, then the start of his memories should have had his “true self” see himself wearing the duel disk/VR Goggles, since that’s how the “switch” should have happened in the first place, just after or during a duel.…If that makes any sense.

However as crazy as it sounds, this doesn’t mean it is impossible: In fact, this could potentially explain why Yuusaku doesn’t remember anything prior to the event, when other victims, such as Spectre and Takeru have shown they do. It would be an insane plot-twist that would likely make it incredibly difficult for Yuusaku to recover from.

Now if we were to focus on the Enemy, well there’s a couple of major plot points that came up:
For starters, we now know the enemy’s true objective is not the Ignis, but the Lost Incident Victim’s Consciousness, and since they knew Yuusaku would come sooner than later in attempt to reclaim Jin’s consciousness, they made him the next target. As result, this also makes Takeru and Spectre potential targets as well.

Either way, this duel is going to be an undoubtedly an emotionally exhausting one for Yuusaku. This duel one where he cannot afford to lose. He needs to win in order to validate he is the real one, but man, even if he does so, this is whole thing is going to mess him up. If he were to lose, it will on on Ai or Takeru, or even Windy to save him.


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9 Responses

  1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

    What a trash episode. Again, let’s point out its minus points (well there’s NO positives to gain anyway):

    Judgment Arrows = Cipher Interfere
    The studios must be cash-strapped because they left Soulburner behind once again without even a glimpse of him showing up or having a single line (and he’s supposed to be the second protagonist of this arc), guess that’s the consequence of hiring such a high caliber but expansive VA in Kaji Yūki, you can’t afford continuous payments so just let him and the studios “take a break”. (The true heinous crime though must be the terrible treatment of the female cast AGAIN, poor Aoi and Emma, they’re quickly put out of action, FUCK SHIN YOSHIDA.)
    Enough with repeating Playmaker’s past over all again as a shameful justification of it being Yusaku’s solo show and nobody else. Bowman’s Hydradrive monsters still looked like a juggled mess AND he’s trying to insert Persona vibes with the whole “You’re me and I’m you” schtick then followed with the “Faker” trope. I honestly can’t take him seriously when the suspicious one must be Haru and their master in silhouette.

    Should Playmaker pull a reversal again in the next episode I won’t even be surprised because none of his duels had any tension whatsoever. Even YUSEI’s duels had high stakes in them because although he too had an invincible plot armor the side characters actually put up serious fights (especially the Dark Signers) which made his duels intense to watch.

  2. Kazanova says:

    This has to be a fake memory implanted by the mystery guy! I just can’t imagine for Yusaku to be the fake one! Somehow, this also reminds me of what happened with Z-ONE in 5D’s. Another indirect reference to the series!

    At first, I wanted Yusaku to lose in this Duel since I think a protagonist who keeps winning is boring, but after watching this episode, I want him to win! Please win, Yusaku/Playmaker!

    Next week there will be no episode since it’ll be a break, so it’s going to be a long wait…so nervous…

    • Eva says:

      I am kind of glad there’s a break because I’m like WTF? Good to know a lot of us aren’t buying into this claims though ahaha!

  3. V. says:

    Honestly, with that unknown factor being revealed today, I feel that the only way Yusaku can fully recover from the Incident and actually start moving on with his life and living a normal one that he should have had all this time will be through his interactions with the other victims and their Ignis, and meeting with more people. Before all this happened, he only had Shoichi to interact with.

    Also, the Hanoi arc gave Yusaku and Takeru closure and the first step to moving on and away from the tragedy. It DID NOT fully resolve the consequences and aftermath. So the healing has only just begun. The victims, at least, know the true purpose of the incident and why the perpetrators did it, but no one truly knows every part of it…. surely the Knights knew about back up data, but did they ever inform him of the whole process to make an AI? And are there more to the results and aftermath than what meets the eye? The answer is, yes. And no one can move forward with incomplete knowledge. I feel Yusaku’s starting to realize from this duel and what happened today that the incident has a lot of complexities that he has yet to uncover, and yet he MUST uncover. Bohman’s an example of why he can’t just ignore it. He has to confront the fact that he’s a special case compared to the rest of the other victims.

    At the beginning of the series, Yusaku knew the the structure of a tree in the winter, without branches, twigs, or flowers. The Hanoi incident gave him the knowledge of the tree’s roots. Now it’s time for Yusaku to know about the branches, twigs, and flowers/leaves.

    • Eva says:

      Well said. Yuusaku still has a long way to go before he can truly move forward Q ^ Q

  4. Yeah, I was left pretty shocked by Bowman’s claims. What he said does sound preposterous. I mostly don’t believe it, but at the same time, it could explain why Yusaku is usually deadpan most of the time because he’s not human. Does that mean the Yusaku we know isn’t the real deal? Playmaker seemed quite shaken when he heard Bowman and seemed like he was questioning himself. Plus like you said, he doesn’t have any memories prior to the Lost Incident. He was fighting the Knights of Hanoi back in season 1 to get information on the lost memories, but that topic was never really brought again until now. I just thought the writers completely forgot about that part. I also really need Playmaker to win this duel, because if he doesn’t, Bowman is gonna possess his body in the real world and I don’t think anyone wants to think about that.

    Linkuriboh was so cute. Too bad its effect got negated. It was rather touching and funny of Ai to cry for his fallen pet/close friend and that it would never be forgotten. I really want to see it in the next episode, which won’t be out for 2 weeks. I’m really sad. I love this series. Yu-Gi-Oh VRAINS last year also took a break from its episodes around this time because last year, the Playmaker vs. Blue Angel duel happened and ended with Blue Angel falling into a coma.

    • Eva says:

      Ah that’s right there’s no episode next week.

      This is precisely why I think we will know whether or not these memories are fabricated or not if the writers make it so it has been hidden all this time just to prove that Bohman does have his missing memories, because there’s no way for Yuusaku to prove it when he lost it in the first place. And if they don’t/can’t reveal it then we know it’s a likely to have been a lie all long, as we all suspect.

  5. il-Palazzo says:

    At first I thought Bohman is all bullshit, but then you reminded me that Yusaku has no memory before the incident and it hits me.

    Oh my God… Bohman is not the real Yusaku, his evil little brother is the real Yusaku!!!

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