Nil Admirari no Tenbin Episode 9

@$@#*!@# SHIT. I KNEW IT. I KNEW HE WANTED TO USE HER TO BEAR HIS CHILD! Oh my god, we see her on the run in the preview, so I am hoping this means she is given a window of opportunity to away before he assaults her. RUN GIRL! FIND YOUR FRIENDS AND GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE! ; A ;

Although I never outright said it, the moment Takashi said he wanted to make Tsumugi his Queen, I had a dreadful feeling this is exactly what he meant. But hearing him actually say it made me feel sick. The reason she was chosen was most likely for the purpose to produce a child/successor who will inherit both of their powers (to be able to see the future, and cursed-tomes auras). A powerful successor would help secure Takashi’s grand ambitions of eliminating equality, freedom and have everyone obey the chosen nobility. He intends to cause the next Great War, with the intentions of destroying the country to return it to its former glory, while he goes to Europe with Tsumugi in tow.

In all, there is not much to discuss this episode since it was pretty much dedicated to laying out the last minute groundwork for the battle that is about to unfold. Before everything springs into action, we learn what Yoshikiri had discovered and was hoping to obtain more evidence on: The Creation of the Fake Cursed Tomes.

With Professor Mozuyama leading the research, they are basically imprisoning authors, drugging them into insanity, forcing them to write, thus producing these cursed tomes. They are considered as “fake” because they authors are being influenced by the drugs, rather than their own emotions.

With Karasu making their move, Rui who has gotten intel about the workshop where the artificial Cursed Tomes are being created intends to destroy it, while Fukkurou is forced to act/rescue Tsumugi who has been kidnapped. I don’t know what Mitsuru and Shougo will do, but I have a hard time imagining either one of them participating in the fight at Nachtigal. Hayato and Hisui have already arrived to the scene while Akira took the opportunity to finally break out of his imprisonment. There is also Rui who is leading the charge of attempting to burn down the whole place (which I say is fair game at this point). However Takashi has mentioned he has already prepared something that will descend the entire nation into chaos, something he isn’t relying on Owase since the guy failed to kill the Prime Minister several times (even his soldier failed at point-blank).

Tsumugi was not kidnapped until the very end of the episode, no thanks to the boys gravely underestimating how soon Karasu would try to forcefully take her away. Poor Tarou was completely outnumbered! In fact it was beyond me how they thought Tsumugi would be safer if she waited for them at the cafe than to be with them while chasing someone who was carrying an authentic cursed tome. But hey at least she got to talk to Rui for a bit.

Yes that’s right, much to my surprise, after five episodes of absence, Rui re-emerges from the shadows to chat with her. However since they are not allies, Tsumugi was pretty guarded around him until she recognized he wasn’t going to do anything stupid. He spoke with her about how Mozuyama being potentially more dangerous that Takashi…(If only he knew what Takashi intended to do with her…). Rui certainly likes her, as he promises to always be on her side, and he doesn’t hesitate trying to charm her into joining his organization.

Speaking of which, given the lack of any meaningful interactions among the boys, I honestly wouldn’t mind if Tsumugi doesn’t end up with anyone. The story alone has been enough to keep me interested in this series, and while I would love to see more romance in play, I would much rather not have them force it down our throats at the very last minute of the series, especially if it’s going to be with Hayato of all people. If Tsumugi has shown any attraction to anyone in this series, Rui is really the only one that comes to mind. Of course there are still three episodes left, so it will be interesting to see how it will all play out.


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  1. waterinegirl says:

    I honestly wouldn’t mind if Tsumugi doesn’t end up with anyone.

    @eva i agree with you

    The story alone has been enough to keep me interested in this series,


    im amaze the writers were able to do good job the way the write the anime given that the original material is from the otome game

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