Mahou Shoujo Ore- Episode 10

First off, how dare you make me eat my words Mahou Shoujo Ore! I can’t believe I fell into such an obvious trap. I mean, I suspected it early in the series but all the purposeful misdirection was just too good. I believe I said in the episode one/two review that there was, of course, a slim possibility that the boss of the demons was in fact their manager. Though as the series progressed, I was lulled into a false sense of security.
Thinking less and less about my suspicion of it and letting myself focus on the clearly more suspicious person.

So anyway, this episode picks up where the last one left off and the girls are stalking Hyoue and Mohiro to try to catch Hyoue in the act of being the guy in charge of the demons. They spend a pretty regular day [date] together, by going to the aquarium, the movies, lunch. Saki is having a mental breakdown and wants to just flat out kill Hyoue. When Hyoue and Mohiro stumble upon a lost child, they try to find the child’s mother but aren’t immediately successful. Hyoue makes a phone call and then vanishes. Mohiro starts singing and bringing in all his little animal friends to cheer the child up.
Hyoue pops up near the girls and tells him that he was aware that they were stalking them the entire time. He questions to Saki and Sakuyo if they think that Mohiro is even actually human. His singing has effects that it shouldn’t.
Saki turns and poses the same question to him. Is he human. The episode cuts to commercial break on this cliff hanger and…

We switch character focus on to the manger. Who is on his way home from work, he gets distracted by a comic shop selling a super rare issue of one of his favorite magical girl series. He buys it, but then Fujimoto is there and they have a fan fight and it’s overall a pretty strange scene. He continued heading home and sees some street idols along the road and goes and buys their CD, he remembers when Saki and Sakuyo used to be in that very same place.
Now they are making a huge debut and magical girls to boot. He goes home, late to watch his anime. We see fighting behind a door, he walks in and the room is filled with demons.

This is about when my mind screeched to a halt, I screamed. “What!?” really loudly. However, the surprises didn’t end there. At the end of the credits, we cut back to Saki and Sakuyo talking to Hyoue who has told them that their manager is in fact the big bad.
He says their manager has been snooping into Mohiro’s schedule and he found a listening device on Mohiro that had been planted there.

Saki’s confused, she’s like “but wait, we had that tense moments. Where you were like ‘Am I human’ and there was an ominous close up! What was that about?” and he just laughs and tells them to summon Kokoro-chan and it will all make sense.
They summon Kokoro-chan and he immediately starts shaking when he lays eyes on Hyoue and then dives to the ground and tells the girls to bow. Hyoue is the prince of faeries.

Oh boy, alright. So this episode happened. It does nothing to really improve the humor quality of the overall production, but there was a lot of good stuff in this episode. The subtle Haruhi reference in Saki’s mother’s flashback, the comment of “Who cares about the main plot” from the manager. The complete 180 on our expectations.
The next week is set to be the final battle, the end of the show. Our time with Saki and Sakuyo was- wait a second. Why are they marketing it as the last episode!? This show has a twelve episode run!


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