Magical Girl Site – Episode 11

The girls begin their ploy to ambush a site administrator. However, they can’t risk one of the ones they got their magical sticks from. So with some effort, they investigate the jurisdiction of the site admins and go to ambush one that they don’t have as much contact with.
Their best bet is to try to capture one as it goes to give a magic stick to a new magical girl. However, there is no really saying where they will go. To the girls house or to their school. So they split the team and have people staking out each area.
The site admin shows up at the school and goes to slip the magical stick in her locker, similar to the way that Nana did to Aya in the series. Shioi launches a surprise attack.

The admin fights back, but eventually is caught off guard and is shot by Aya’s gun and teleported to the top of the school where Shizukume slices them with her yoyo. Doesn’t do very good for questioning, but at least they’ve killed a site admin.
When everything goes horribly wrong. The dark vapors coming off the site admin vanish and in the place of the dead administrator is a girl. A human girl.

They don’t have too long to reflect on this as they are attacked by Nana. The other group is cut off by another site admin and makes it so the two groups can not get to one another. Nana, sad that Shizukume betrayed her goes on the offensive and goes to attack.
Yatsumura pulls out her magic stick, but Nana destroys it quickly. Recalling that even she would have a problem with the power that Yatsumura had. Still, Yatsmura seems unconcerned and steps forward to question Nana.

Nana, unwilling to answer, proceeds to attack. Intending to take out all of the girls. Instead, she finds that she’s only gotten Yatsumura. Who used two magic sticks. The one to create the barrier around her friends and protect them from magic and Shizukuma’s yoyo to attack Nana.
Hoping she could take out Nana with her. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work out. Yatsumura, severely wounded from the bullets that Nana shot through her and dying from using the magic sticks when her life span was already so close to being complete. Slides down and tells Aya that she loves her, and that she needs to continue to be strong.

She knew she was close to dying. This was, her last ditch effort to try to win with what little life she had left.
Once again, Aya is left mourning a friend.

Things aren’t looking too good as the two groups of girls are still unable to reach one another. Nana is still very much alive, Yatsumura is dead and it’s only a matter of time until the magical barrier protecting the other girls on the roof vanishes.

The scene cuts to the table of Site Admins, welcoming a new candidate to becoming a site administrator and we see…with dead looking eyes. Yatsumura sitting at the table.
So, if I am understanding this correctly from the clues we’ve been given in this episode. The Site Admins are dead magical girls. Does how they die play into it? Is it only ones that die from overusing their sticks?
Was someone who was murdered like Nijimin not considered? Is there a set number and the reason she is being given a choice because they killed one of the previous ones? I mean, they are all named after numbers.

Nana – Seven
Ni [the one who died] – two
Hachi [the samurai one fighting the other group] – Eight

So how many site admins are there together? Ten? How does this offer work? What is going on?
We still know nothing about tempest or how any of this works and the final episode is next week. What is going on?!


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  1. zztop says:

    If you pay attention to the dead girl, note their insides are solid with microchip circuit details, rather than soft squishy organs.

    What if the girl was already dead to start with, possibly from overusing her stick?
    Then the Admins modify her corpse so it can host another one of their own kind?

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