Magical Girl Site – Episode 10

Episode ten serves mostly as set up for the final showdown between the magical girls and the site administration.

With Nijimin’s death at the end of the last episode. Aya feels highly responsible for it, if she’d only been stronger and able to tell the other girls about her brother. Perhaps she could of been able to do something about the situation before it got out of hand. That’s how she feels at least. Though I personally feel that this is pretty unrealistic.
By the time she’d found out about her brother having the stick, he’d already put it on and used it to kill someone. Even if they’d all known, what could they have really done against the power of Nijimin’s magical stick?

Well, anyway, she blames herself and resolves to let nobody else die. So she sets out to try to retrieve the magical sticks that had been lost in the building collapse. She searches all day but does not find them. However, she runs into Sarina. Who returns her magic stick and tells her of a plan to kill all the magical girls at Nijimin’s funeral.

So she goes, pays her respects, and then uses her magic stick to teleport them all the hell out of there. Right before the building explodes. Nana intended to destroy all of them in that explosion. We also see that the detective that has been in the background of various bits of the anime is working with Nana. In fact, he’s the mysterious force that helped the girls with Kaname in the previous episode. He can also see and speak with Nana.
Which brings us back to the question…why magical girls? Why magical GIRL site? If the site admins can talk to males and use them or have them use magical sticks. Why only focus on one half of the market? Can’t you get more suffering and despair by tapping into both genders misfortune? Oh well, that glaring plot hole threatening to bug me forever. We cut back to Aya and the girls and she is threatening them all to hand over their magic sticks. She wants them to bow out of the fight.

She wants to take the burden of fighting the site administration by herself. I mean, obviously, the girls tell her that there is no way. They’re all bonded, they’re all magical girls. They’ve all lost something and they all want to fight.
The proper sticks are returned to the proper people and the girls vow to begin their fight against the site admins. To try to survive tempest. It’s such a hope filled ending. I can’t wait to see it all come crumbling apart as they all die horrible terrible deaths. Because happy isn’t this anime’s middle name, let’s be honest. Anyone expecting a happy ending from the anime is kidding themselves. If it doesn’t end with all of the girls dead and the world being rebuilt by tempest. It will end with only a small handful of the girls alive and the site admins taken down and tempest stopped. That’s basically the happiest ending we can look towards at this point.

Speaking of the site admins. This weeks opening song was sung by Ryūsei Nakao. The voice of the Site administrator Nana. It’s creepy, unsettling and I hated it. It sent all kinds of vibes of distinctly ‘wrong’ down my spine. I sincerely hope that we return to the regular opening for next weeks episode, this opening on the actual fight against the site might be too creepy for me. It sent me into this episode expecting the worst. Thankfully, it looks like the worst will not come until next episode and the final episode.


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  1. zztop says:

    My guess on why the site admins favour girls as sacrifices might’ve to do with the white haired girl in stasis. Maybe that girl simply has a preference for eating female life energies for self-restoration?

    Officially, still no mention on why just girls if the admins can work with guys just fine.

    Also, the white haired girl has just debuted in the manga, so she’s not anime-original anymore!
    Although I dunno if the anime appearance inspired the author to add her in, or if she was always planned to come in around this mark.

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