Hugtto! Precure Episode 18 & 19

Hugtto! Precure Episode 18

Ooh this episode was so sweet. Emiru has grown on me quite a bit since she has first debuted, and now I feel very comfortable with her being a part of their group. The one thing I love most is the friendship that somehow blossomed between Lulu and Emiru, and it’s something so pure, that it’s exactly what Lulu needs. To some extent, thanks to the day she had spent with Lulu, she actually knows a bit more about Lulu than Hana and the others do. They developed a unique connection through music, and it’s something that gives Lulu great comfort and a way for her to connect to her newfound heart. My favourite moment of the episode had to be when Emiru stood up for Lulu, telling Pupple that Lulu does in fact have a heart, and she knows it because she feels troubled, said she loved her music, and most importantly, because they are best friends. I found it so incredibly sweet in a way that only Emiru could pull it off. And to top things off, Emiru wrote beautiful lyrics to her song so Lulu could sing along with her. It’s quite incredible how quickly my opinion towards Emiru has changed for the better, but it’s a great feeling and now I look forward to their friendship and hopefully the day they too (hopefully Lulu too, despite being an android) can become a Precure.

I was surprised to see Henry being re-introduced into the the scene at the end of the episode. He has shown his face here and there, but seeing him make a return is starting to make me hope we will see him become part of the group as well. I wonder if he will become friends will Lulu and Emiru, creating another unique trio. And to be perfectly honest, I really do want him to become a precure ahahaha, do it please.

Hugtto! Precure Episode 19

I enjoyed this episode! Ever since Henri stopped being an obnoxious prick, like Emiru I have grown to like him more and more. In fact, I would say Henri was the highlight of the episode. I absolutely loved seeing him confidently own who he is, even when he is mocked. When it comes to boys wearing girls clothes or resembling girl’s fashion, it is a controversial subject just about everywhere. I was rooting for Henri because it takes an incredible amount of courage to be different in a world where society judges you based on appearance. His speech about how he won’t change himself for others, he will cherish his own heart was an empowering message.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again, I think it would be amazing if Henri were to become a precure too. The moment he recognized Emiru’s brother was hurting, and did the hugtto precure thing of hugging the Oshimaida and told him he should love his own heart a little more, IF THAT ISN’T PRECURE QUALITY, THEN WHAT IS?!!?!?!?!

…But it might end up creating a contradiction/mixed messages when this episode wanted to highlight how girls can be heroes too! They initiated a reversal of roles, where Henri, the boy was the “princess” who had to be rescued (not only he owned it, but he did some incredible stuff on his own, which only makes me want him to become a precure even more), and the girls were his knights coming to his rescue. So making Henri a precure might not fit, but then again, one has to wonder what about the little boys want to be a precure too? I am sure there are! This kind of message, while it is incredibly important for girls to hear, holds just as much value for the boys. It is a universal message of encouragement to everyone who are daring to be different than what society expects of them.

What is a bit strange to me is how we didn’t get to see the girls have a quick conversation with Henri how the fact they are precures must be kept a secret. He already figured it out, but didn’t realize that it’s not something they want to announce to the world. Of course with time restraint, there may have not been enough time to do so, but I would like to see the group actually have a conversation with him about it, eventually… Preferably sooner than later, which would give him the privilege to be part of their inner circle, should he desire to.

Another thing I noticed was how the main trio has been more or less benched in the last two episodes, next week is looking to be the third as both Emiru and Lulu will become precures (honestly I’m surprised they spoiled it). Of course, most of us already knew it was going to happen, not matter what, but they did throw us a little twist by raining the girls’ parade, revealing there’s only one preheart left. Either a new one will be magically produced through Hugtan’s power (which I am suspecting is how it happens in the first place, since she will need her own if she grows up), or the girls will end up sharing one, which would be pretty symbolic given the friendship that has been formed between them.

Emiru’s brother my god, he is unbearable. This sexist douche is back again, this time it was Hana and Henri who shut him up. I was deeply disappointed to see Lulu had lost that fire in her, the one who confronted him when he said girls shouldn’t play guitars. I loved that part of her, and it sucks that it is gone. I hope she will be able to rediscover it, because while I adore the cute and adorable Lulu, I am missing her savage and fierce side as well. Anyhow, thanks to this experience becoming an Oshimaida, might help open his mind, making it the last time we have to see him act like this.

Lastly, let’s take a moment to talk about our new villains! Okay, so only one showed up today, the new villainness Gelos had an interesting way of making an entrance, by only doing so after she was defeated. It looks like she may actually be part of a trio, since during her negative wave sequence, it featured not just her, but the other two men, who looks like twins and are probably her butlers or something. But damnnnnnnnnnnnnn~ they are good lookign! All three of their character designs, on point! *swoons* I can’t wait to see them in action.

However, it may have slipped under people’s noses, but the white dove made two apeparences. The first time with George, exchanging messages, and sending a new one, and the second time, was when Gelos made her debut. This leaves me with the impression that is was George/Pupple’s Unrequited Love who recruited her to come, as Lulu has no recollection of Gelos working at Criasu. Also I don’t really get what they keep on hiding the guy’s face, I am pretty sure it’s George, unless it’s supposed to be his twin or counterpart or something…. I mean, they dress the same for crying out loud… Eh whatever, if it’s not him, I will correct myself later.


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3 Responses

  1. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

    Episode 18: Tch, more ripping off older motives from the previous seasons as the whole musical recital from Emiru was definitely copying what Makoto did in Doki Doki Precure and the musical theme was Suite Precure’smain motive. Shame on Toei for lacking better ideas to execute.

    Episode 19: Look, I get that people really wanted another superb Precure helper (after the outstanding performances of Seiji and Yui), but I couldn’t stand Henri and he was a dreadful presence in his womanly gown. (Then again, he’s my third least favorite character in this season (behind Hana and Not-Rikka, but fight me, I hate what I hate.) Besides, people wanting males to become Precures were a trend before (especially after all the expectations for Julio (Kirakira Precure) to become one fell short, much to the outrage of his fangirls), but it’s better to have Henri sitting in the background from now on and slowly fade away with time. But I do agree that Emiru’s brother is a toxic presence.

    • elior1 says:

      ok i have to talk about episode 19 emiro brother topic. this guy a racist in his way of thinking.

      Sometime,boy is weaker than girl such as emiru’s brother.sometimes, many girl in reality is a person who save many lifes, such as doctor, firefighter, even a soldier, they also training as a boy even more harder than male.
      So, we cannot see the person with colour eye. Say not for any rasis!

      it seems that he lives in the 19th century because in those times women were used to high society to play the piano to be feminine but right now we are in The 21st Century by God It seems that Emiru’s brother comes from the 19th century Why is a macho is that he I think he does not understand that in this century women like women not all men have the same rights as women

  2. Silent Protagonist says:

    I don’t know if you’ve seen the previous season (Kira-Kira), but back then there was a pretty real chance at the first male Cure. Seriously, all the pieces were in place. The writers just pulled their punches at the last second. I’m convinced at this point that Japan just isn’t ready for a male Cure. They’ll make dozens of female Sentai and I even remember one or two lady Kamen Riders at one point, but Magical Boys? NOPE. That is a line that WILL NOT be crossed.

    Just let the dream die, kids. You only hurt yourself by hoping.

    On the subject of Henri himself, though, GOD DAMN – HE IS A REAL ONE. You go, man! You wear that Dress! I love how literally everyone is telling off Emiru’s brother… except Emiru herself. Hopefully next week she’ll take the hint that maybe if SHE stands up to mister old-fashioned, he’ll finally back off. God, did we even get his name? who cares.

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