High School DxD Hero Episode 7 – Send Your Strength to the Boob Dragon!!!

I felt like the performance was cool. And I’m still surprised that kids are interested in the Boob Dragon and parents are allowing that to happen. Wow!

I found the part where Issei sees a kid who didn’t get to met him, and the kid is really sad about it and  Issei gives him an autograph. That was cute, but I still can’t overlook what he said to the kid. About protecting girls. Should we really tell children that? I’m a girl and don’t want to be protected, I can usually beat up people perfectly fine(I have 4 brothers). Well, that’s just me. Maybe I’m looking at this on too large of a scale.

I bet Sairong’s mom is going to die before the ranking battle. I bet. Usually, when someone is sick in a story, they have been sick for a long time and they all of a sudden die when something important is about to happen. Hmm.. She’ll die during the show or miraculously survive or we never hear about hear again.

When they went over there to help his mom, I thought it was a trap since Sairong knows about his new abilities. But in reality, it wasn’t. It was an actual attempt to save his mom, which was good, I guess. Nobody is doing anyone dirty before ranking games.

It’s been confirmed yet again, that Rias likes Issei( even tho he’s ugly, but “ personality matters more” says everyone else). And she wants to marry him. I’d like to think that Issei know that she likes him, but I feel like he’s kinda dense.

“You dumba$$ call her Rias and not President!!! She wants to be called by her name and you can see her blushing when her mom mentioned it.”

Okay I’m done ranting.

Issei is determined to beat Sairong( damn this guy’s name is cancerous, I should start copying and pasting that b*tch) in the battle. He is not playing.  But I feel like the Chaos Brigade is going to disturb this ranking battle. They were like, just because the ranking battle is going on, don’t forget about us. Or it could be just a normal ranking battle and they fight each other and someone wins.

And my man Kiba. I feel like we have seen less of him, but I’m glad Issei doesn’t see him as a rival anymore like in the first and second seasons. I also feel Kiba may or may not be gay. He doesn’t really have a romance story that is explored in the anime really. He kinda needs his own side story.

And they making that giant haunted mansion and café for the school festival. Ah, that would have been cool to do in high school, every homeroom make a thing to raise money for the school or a trip. Hmm… I’ve graduated anyways, but there is definitely a bunch of fundraising opportunities coming up. I think whatever the crew makes will end up cool with their sense of teamwork.

Also, who is Ravel? I forgot???

And after that graduation thought, do we see the characters in college after they graduate or does the story end with them graduating high school? Hmm. I should go read the light novels if there is an English version. I should actually read more( sub reading doesn’t count, sadly).

Well see y’all tomorrow!!!

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2 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    Hi Pandora, you may recall my post saying that Issei was considered ugly in the source novel’s lore, to the point even Azazel was saying it’s a good thing his future children don’t take after his looks.

    Long story short, Issei has kids with most of the girls close to him. This is detailed in the following short story, DxD Ex, which was bundled with the S3 Blurays. Read to find out which girl had which child with him.
    (Ex also serves to retcon the bad anime-original changes made in S3.)

    On Kiba, apparently he (and some male supporting cast) get to shine in a later volume, to the point the author apologized in their afterwords for depriving his readers of female sexiness (” I promise I’ll get back to writing sexy things with the girls soon!) Apparently the author originally wanted to make Kiba the MC, but he felt having a handsome guy MC would be too typical, too expected.
    Plus Kiba is widely acknowledged as being the handsomest guy in Issei’s group.

    PS. Ravel was the younger sister of some arrogant demon lord who challenged Issei back in S1, Issei soundly beat him in a tournament.

    • Pandora says:

      Thanks for the link to the story! I just started reading it awhile ago!
      Having a handsome guy as an MC would have been a cliche, but so is having an average ugly guy(underdog)..I was just thinking about that, but for the story’s sake I’m glad he went with the underdog take.
      I probably should have watched season one over again because I don’t really remember anything, to be honest. I watched it 5 years ago, in middle school, it needs a rewatch, very badly.

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