High School DxD Hero Episode 6 – The Harem Gets a Few Times Bigger

Short Announcement: I graduated from high school yesterday! I’ll be back on track.

First of all, let me talk about Issei real quick. I mentioned in the last post that he probably ugly. One of the comments on last post mentioned that in a short story, it is mentioned that Issei’s children look more like their mother than Issei and that it’s a good thing.

Since Issei is “ugly”, I also wanted to know if the author of the series(Ichiei Ishibumi) is ugly. Well, he not extremely ugly, but not extremely pretty. Classic 4.9 out of 10. I have my own rating scale, where 1 is extremely ugly and 10 is extremely beautiful. No one ever reaches over an 7, by the way. Even I don’t reach over a 7. No bias, y’all. But everyone says I rank too high.

Anyways, this episode. At least, it’s not like Naruto, but they definitely had a mini-Naruto thing going on. Where the fight feels like it has lasted a long time and you get real bored and then they power-up and “ defeat” the enemy. At least Cao Cao got his eye scratched out, but I hate him, so I’m sad he’s not dead.

Also the Talk no Justu was really strong in this episode, but I guess it’s in every shounen action anime out there.

Boy, shut up.

Then one of the Dragon Kings showed up and helps the team savage everyone because he hates Cao-Cao a lot. He reminded me of my favorite character Jirya because he didn’t care, and he knew he could savage them. I also feel like he is perverted like Jirya, but not to the high extent.

They thought he wasn’t paying attention, but at the same time he was. Ouch.

They are able to get the Fox Girl’s mother under control and everything seems to be okay for now. Okay for now. There is still 7 more episodes and they have fight the Chaos Brigade once and for all.

The Fox Girl also seems to like Issei also, because he helped save her mother. That was kinda cute.

I don’t know about y’all, but I feel like the actual plot is getting boring. I think I mentioned that last time, but I’m not sure. I just have trouble watching it sometimes. Only sometimes. I loved this show for a while, so I’m not dropping it and I still think it’s worth watching because it has an interesting plot. Well, technically anything has an interesting plot, but it depends what is done with the idea.

Why is the plot boring? I hate dumb villains who fight for dumb sh*t. I don’t appreciate them. I kinda liked the main branch of the Chaos Brigade fight with the Gremory Clan and others. I also want to see the ranking battle next week, that will be interesting. Her cousin looking a little unsettled at the end of this episode. Hmm!

Let’s see where this goes. See y’all on Tuesday!

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2 Responses

  1. Sage says:

    I think that you think the plot is boring for that part because the Kyoto fight was essentially just a skirmish, a setup in other words.

    • Pandora says:

      True. Also, I’m bored with the ranking battle too, even though it’s kind of interesting to see them fight. They are probably going to have an attack by the Chaos Brigade in the middle of this ranking battle, if they want to spice it up.

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