Gurazeni – Episode 12 [Final Impressions]

Well, better late than never, right? Due to some technical issues I wasn’t able to cover this on time last week, but I wanted to make sure I finish it properly! Let’s get right on, then. The last episode is titled ‘The Lonely Gourmet’ and we finally meet the young woman that the opening and ending has been teasing us about for the last 11 episodes!

Our story starts with Bonda wandering about the streets of Ginza. Soon he arrives to one of his favorite restaurants Kitchen Ajihei. From the way he talks about the place and the menu options, it really seems like he’s a regular at the place. Soon enough he orders a chicken and rice combo set and I must say I regretted watching this on an empty stomach when he was talking about the food!

Bonda really seems to enjoy the place and the food, but it’s obvious that he’s also quite taken with Yuki-chan, the server at the restaurant. While he lounges around after his meal, some news come up of an engagement between a celebrity and a baseball player, which makes Bonda start musing about the connection between marriage and salary in pro-baseball. The guys with bigger salaries have the wives with the most showy careers and he admits that everyone on the team that is married has a really beautiful wife. Him, though? He likes this girl at the diner and he’s been trying to talk to her, but he can’t.

It’s nice that they bring awareness to the adult concern of finances and marriage. He’s been really thinking about how much money he makes and the fact that he has to save, but he’s also concerned that with his current lifestyle as a pro-baseball player, it’s pretty much impossible for him to save up money. I would have liked to see his contract go up during the show, but it covered too little time of the game season, so the audience has to make do with the belief that since he’s doing good, he’ll be better paid.

Anyway, right under his nose, as he tries to take in as much info about Yuki-chan as possible, she gets invited to a baseball game by a party of salarymen. Bonda is taken aback, but Yuki agrees to go so now he’ll be seeing her at the game. Sure enough, the episode switches settings to the game and she’s pretty close to the pitching pen so he has a close view of her. Unfortunately, it seems she’s a huge fan of the opposing team! Actually, it seems a lot of the attendees at the game are fans of the Tempters.

This is important because soon Bonda gets to sub-in for the pitcher, so he ends up pitching for a bit and through some unfortunate errors, he ends up putting the other team at a big disadvantage. He injures a couple players, strikes out another and then helps execute a flawless double play that ends the inning quickly. All the fans of the away team are furious at yell at Bonda! Yuki-chan included of course. Bonda is both regretful and overjoyed as she has noticed him, but for negative reasons.

Always the optimist though, Bonda sees this as a chance to talk to her next time he visits the restaurant… Unfortunately again, it seems his profile is way too low as Yuki-chan doesn’t recognize him! There go all those marriage fantasies, poor Bonda. It was a nice end to the show although it felt like it was just the beginning of a nice storyline that was cut short.

Overall I really enjoyed covering this show and I never felt like I didn’t have anything to say. It was pretty entertaining and the format appealed to me, but it also suffered from low quality in terms of storytelling and animation, so I’d say it’s a 6/10 for me. Still, as a concept it was original and refreshing and it’d be cool to see it in other professions!

And just so you know, there’s still time for this!


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  1. BigFire says:

    The two guys she’s talking to in the restaurant are Takeshi ‘Beat’ Kitano and one other celebrity. Not sure how the show managed to rope them into this cameo.

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