Golden Kamuy Episode 11: Everybody, Get Together! It’s A Murder Hotel!

This episode is a perfect example of: Men are easily manipulated by sex. I mean christ it really is astounding how stupid men can get when there’s a pretty woman around. Yes, women get stupid when a hot guy is around too, but yikes. Anyway, whatever.

This was another strange episode. I guess I haven’t fully accepted that Golden Kamuy is more of a comedy? Which, personally for me, is kind of disappointing. This series started off so strong! It has such an interesting plot with the whole hidden gold, tattoos, prisoners, along with giving us this setting in Hokkaido after the Russo-Japanese War, and even adding the Ainu culture into the mix! I love it, but….I’m not loving how the show is being presented now. This episode was…kind of stupid to me. Dick jokes, and sex jokes in general are not my sense of humor. I don’t find it funny at all, I find it awkward and stupid. Ushiyama getting blindly taken over by his lust and acting like a fool isn’t funny, it’s dumb. Call me a stick in the mud, it’s just not entertaining to me. Obviously, the humor is not for me, so maybe Golden Kamuy in general just isn’t for me. The comedy is also just weird because it doesn’t even feel right. It kind of reminds me of Drifters, where the comedy was so badly balanced with the serious moments that it made the show tough for me to watch because the bad comedy would take me out of the moment. In Golden Kamuy’s case, it’s like that for me from the start. I expected a really serious murder hotel plot, where it would be really intense and creepy. Nope. It was more lighthearted and campy, finishing off with a Scooby Doo chase in the end.

What kind of sucks though is that Ienaga was pretty interesting to me. The woman, who is actually an old man, was one of the prisoners. He’s dressed himself as a woman lure and kill others and steal body parts from them. He’s an ex-doctor, and his belief is that in order to cure a part of your body, you must eat that part of the body. From an animal, people would assume, but for the doctor it’s from people. He targeted Ushiyama’s strong body and Asirpa’s beautiful eyes and wants them for himself. He has a whole torture/death dungeon in the bottom of the hotel and has also built secret passageways in the place. This guy is real interesting, and thankfully I don’t think this is the end of him because Ushiyama saved him in the end, not knowing Ienaga is actually an old man and not a beautiful woman.

Ehh. I don’t know how to feel about this series anymore, I’m basically faded out now. It’s too late to wonder if it’ll improve but maybe the last episode will be fun at least?

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  1. Kdth001 says:

    I agree that we could’ve done without all the d*ck jokes and the implication that trans = evil. But the one thing that distracted me most from the story is what the hell is that thing on Ushiyama’s forehead?

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