Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Kaikou Episode 11

At last, the invasion begins in full force and Reinhard answers the call to battle! Yang’s reunion with Reinhard is just begging to happen, and I’m super excited for the coming conflict. Unfortunately, it already feels like Yang is on the back foot due to Falk being an absolute idiot. Reinhard on the other hand has the Alliance Fleet playing into his trap, and launches from Odin with the momentum knowing that the Free Planets Fleet is not combat worthy. I just hope there’s some semblance of balance between the two forces when they collide, and not another case of Yang saving the day from Reinhard’s brilliance.

The episode began with the occupation of Imperial Planets by the Free Planets fleet. The actual movement of the fleets from Iserlohn to Imperial Territory wasn’t shown, which was probably the right choice by Production I.G since we only have one episode left! It’s a shame though that we’re possibly missing out on small scale conversation scenes or banter between the cast, something that made the original quite unique and funny. Personally, I really want Schenkopf to shine some more since the original had some amazing one liners. Maybe in upcoming sequels? 

Reinhard’s plan to stretch Alliance supplies thin by forcing the Free Planets to provide food for the Imperial people works perfectly through the episode, although it would’ve been shot down immediately had someone as competent as Yang been in charge. Imperial soldiers are starving in exchange for providing for these people, and Reinhard not only succeeds in lowering the morale of the Free Planets Fleet, but also separates the Imperial People from their so called, “liberators.” Who gives a crap about political autonomy and free elections if you have a family starving at home?

Luckily, Yang sees the upcoming disaster and urges his fellow front line admirals to retreat back to Iserlohn. I was holding my breath when Vice Admiral Ulanhu answered the transmission, wondering whether Ulanhu would be one of the reasonable admirals or another incompetent. Bewcock on the other hand has once again solidified himself as an amazing character. He was great in the original, and he has not disappointed in this one. Falk had a scolding coming, and I’m glad someone finally put his arrogant, idiotic head down. It almost felt like Bewcock was channeling the feelings of everyone watching and voicing our hatred. The seizure however, was super unexpected! I was wondering what the heck Falk was doing as he started twisting up, and considering his character, I thought he was enraged at Bewcock for insulting him. (Which was partially true)

Towards the end, we see Reinhard raise a toast with his subordinates before launching for the Free Planets Fleet. Not only do we get reintroduced to every one of Reinhard’s vice admirals, we get an entire three minute sequence of spaceship beauty! Overall, I’m very happy with the quality of the episode and I’m only sorta disappointed that next week will be the final one.

Let’s go out with a bang!


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