Tokyo Ghoul: Re Episode 7 – Everyone is hurt in the inside, I guess

Urie is officially a dumba$$. I can’t deal with him anymore. He’s smart, but so dumb. I want to smack him, except if he smacks me, I’ll die.

Everyone else: What did Urie do?

“ What they do? They smile in your face..” – The Backstabbers by The O-Jays

What did he not do? First of all, he was jealous of that guy who killed a ghoul with his bare hands, even though they are at the same investigative level. Second of all, he tries too hard, to the point that he may endanger his own health in the next episode( I hope he does). Third, his thoughts about people who are helping him or being nice to him, are just terrible. It’s like he doesn’t think kindly of anyone, even Mutsuki or Sassan.

I hope to see some character development in Urie soon. But luckily this show isn’t about him! Let’s move onto the important things, like the end of the battle, the mask, and the coffee shop.

I think the fact that Sassan wants to know more about his past life is interesting. Usually when characters have another personality, they have an interest, but it’s not as much as Sassan’s interest. Also, Sassan knows that he will lose himself if he looks for Kankei and changes into him. But there is bunch of sequences, where Kankei says he doesn’t to die in Haise and lose himself.

But I feel like Sassan is the old Kankei before sh*t happens turning him into a ghoul, but except he is more outgoing and he has more confidence.

( I have Unravel playing in the background, because it’s so relevant. They should use that song in this season because it’s so great. For me it’s a throwback to 8th Grade, watching the syndication of the season 1. )

And the face mask!! IT’S BACK!! And I thought when the girl put the package in their doorstep, I thought it was bomb. And she was going to blow up the place. But I guess not.

Relevant Unravel Lyrics( check out KYOUMI – Unravel):

“ The truth I seek never felt so bleak… But I maintain my depth. Freeze. Unbreakable. Unshakeable. Untill the day that you find me..”

“I’ll stand here existing and feeling wretched existence, consuming life force until I grow distant…”

“ I don’t want to hurt you, it’s not my nature, a monster born from dusk to dawn can’t be your savior..”

“Oh won’t you tell, oh please just tell, oh now, who could it be who lives inside of me…”

“ I’ll never lose you..”

“Please don’t forget me. Please don’t forget me.”

I can’t wait til he gets his memories back, which mean everyone is f*cked. And he’ll forget all of them and try to kill them because Kankei hates the CCG. ( hand rub time)

I love how the whole coffee shop is trying to get him back. I find that also interesting. And also the fact that the original coffee shop was demolished. And my boy Uta is back( he was in the last episode, tho..) I liked how to makes masks for ghouls to help them out and he is punk-artist person.

And also, my girl Hina, at least Haise stopped her from being killed, but now she in a jail cell. She can’t die, tho. Please don’t kill her, that would be unnecessary.

And that gym teacher. If he actually that Jason guy who tortured him all those years ago …WTF? Why do all people named Jason mostly always end up as scrubs. Just don’t name your kid that, otherwise they will grow up to be a questionable person. It’s not a proven fact, but seriously, check the record. Or maybe Haise just remembers something from the way he moved his fingers, but that guy’s face is messed up enough to him.

That dinner party was also cute and they all felt like family, which according to my plot radar, something really bad will happen real soon.

Also, I notice they did that cut scene of everyone visiting their dead loved ones or people in a coma. Everyone is hurt by this battle between humans and ghouls. Everyone, even they people you think are easy-going.

I’m ready for the next episode, but I’m not sure about everyone else. Is everyone else ready up in here??

My mixtape is in that pan.


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