Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu Episode 18 [For Whom Does That Light Shines?]

Another simple yet action packed episode, am I right? But before all the battles of sorts, we get to see what happened to the Pleiades of the Azure Sky. Thank GOODNESS that Deldry is okay. I was a little worried for her, especially since she’s been kind of growing on me with each appearance. Good think Fraudrin didn’t stab her through the heart, ‘cause I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to walk that off. When Fraudrin tried to finish them off, Dogedo was able to grab the three of them and escape using his “Boost” ability. I don’t like the guy, but in this instance, you can really see how much he cares for his comrades. In his first appearance he just seemed like this arrogant jerk, but I feel like this moment humanized him a bit more. Hopefully we get to see more of him and if he develops more as a person.

We also get to check up on Fraudrin to see what he’s been up to since Denzel put that stamp on him. He seems to be faring fine if not mildly annoyed of all the ghosts that keep attacking him. But the interesting thing that is brought up is that despite all the ghosts that have attacked him, Zaratras, the Great Holy Knight that he had murdered and pinned the blame on the Seven Deadly Sins, had not appeared. What exactly does this mean? I eagerly await to see what kind of development this brings. Since there seems to be a lot we don’t know about Zaratras’ murder or even what kind of person Zaratras was.

We continue where we left off last episode with King dishing out the power against the two stand ins for the two of the Ten Commandments. His Guardian’s level being boosted to the maximum. Unfortunately, just like his fight with the Albion, it takes a severe toll on his body. And here we get more examples of fairies being playful with both Gloxinia and King seeming like they’re shocked at certain developments, only to pull one over each other. Is that just a thing with fairies? ‘Cause it definitely feels like an ongoing thing by this point. In the end, King uses the ultimate move that destroyed the Albion, completely obliterating the plant fairy that Gloxinia had made.

I think one of the main reasons I love King x Diane is that not just one of them will protect the other, but both will go out of their way to protect the other no matter the threat. Even with Diane’s memories lost, she still risked her life to save King. She even brings up what they possibly mean to the other. Hopefully they can get that talk~ But man, the golems that Diane brings up of her closest friends are HILARIOUSLY GLORIOUS. I love how a small Hawk is there. And don’t get me started on that derpy King golem XD. But despite how derpy it is, it still moved King to tears hearing Diane call him an important friend. KING, YOU’RE FREAKING PRECIOUS. Though one of my favorite parts had to be the small Hawk golem attacking with such feeble attempts. That had me laughing really hard. Though it was probably that ONE PUNCH that the King golem did that took the cake, derpy expression and all. It shows Diane’s feelings for him and how strong he is in her eyes. These two are just… UGH… precious.

Before moving onto the next match, we get some information on the state of world. And it seems like things are not going well as several towns and villages have had all the people’s souls taken and eaten by the Ten Commandments. Even Camelot has fallen and become a demon’s nest thanks to Zeldris. ARTHUR YOUR KINGDOM NEEDS YOU AND YOUR POWER. SHOW US YOUR TRUE ABILITIES. Especially since Merlin keeps hinting that Arthur’s stats must be pretty high and hasn’t unlocked his true potential yet.

And thus we turn over to Gowther (who is currently suspected as a Ten Commandment) being a butthead once again with him having no qualms in attacking his allies, both as part of the same group and his teammate. Freaking Gowther… And Jericho continues proving that she is best girl. Despite Gowther stating that Jericho gave up being human to receive power, Jericho strikes back by saying that because she did those things, she can tell Gowther from the bottom of her heart that it isn’t worth it to hurt your friends to fulfill your own desire. She’s gone through nearly sacrificing the ones she cared about for power and realized her mistakes. And it was through those mistakes that Jericho learned what was more important and says it’ll be Gowther that will hurt the most afterwards. She even admits she doesn’t fully understand what friendship entails, but she KNOWS what it truly means through her relationship with Ban and Elaine. UGH, I love this girl. Character development at its finest.

But her words fall deaf to Gowther’s ears because he just wants a heart and beats down both Jericho and Hawk like a freaking douche. Speaking of douche moves, Gowther uses his ability to draw up nightmares of Escanor’s past. We get to see brief flashes of what Escanor has had to go through growing up and it’s not pretty. He was estranged and treated like a monster by his family and even the entire kingdom because of his power until he met Merlin and became part of the Seven Deadly Sins. And while it is sweet that Escanor likes Merlin, I don’t really like the ship. Though part of the reason is I feel like not all the Seven Deadly Sins should have to be paired up. I prefer Merlin by herself, personally speaking. Though the other part would probably be the overlap of “I like them because they treated me like I was normal instead of a monster” which was Diane’s feeling towards Meliodas at first. But I digress.

It seems that Escanor does understand that his feelings will probably forever be unrequited and instead looks to Merlin as a source of strength and hope, allowing him to go into his buff, sunshine form for a limited time. What amused me is that Escanor literally becomes Thor when he calls for his axe and it immediately flies to his hand. He and Gowther charge their final attack, only for it to seem that Gowther had gotten the best of him. And Jericho being best girl yet again immediately got what Escanor was going for and showed Gowther what he was truly aiming for. Escanor’s attack was never intended for Gowther… but for the two Ten Commandments who were rendered unconscious from that one attack. ESCANOR IS A FREAKING OP BEAST.

Just a whole lot of different feels this episode. We got a nice dose of King x Diane feels, some best girl Jericho feels, the feeling of wanting to punch Gowther upside the head once again and Escanor feels. Hopefully he’s okay… (I honestly don’t know because I mostly only read the parts of the manga that were dedicated to King and Diane… heh)


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