Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu Episode 17 [Legendary Figures]

So the tournament for their lives has started! Though it was pretty terrible that all the lives left in the maze was immediately vanquished thanks to the pink haired guy. Though it’s finally revealed that he’s actually Gloxinia, the first Fairy King. Man are his wings pretty. Did you see how they sparkled?! While he may be a fairy, his attitude and demeanor is sure unnerving. He constantly has a sing-song tone and doesn’t seem to take anything seriously, like everything is a game. Though I guess the whole tournament could be thought of as a game, if you consider death games a thing, which Gloxinia probably does.

Before the tournament can officially begin, Gowther comes somersaulting out of nowhere (quite dramatically) and lands on top of Escanor, breaking his glasses in the process. Now I’m probably in the minority, but I don’t really care too much about Escanor (for now at least) since he’s way too obsessive over Merlin for my liking. Not to mention he was so busy freaking out about the glasses that Merlin gave him, that he didn’t even have time to react when Gloxinia deals a fatal blow to him. Quite the… anticlimactic way to go considering the pounding that he gave Galland not too long ago. Though I do understand that his weakness of being this super weakling during the night is probably used to balance out how OP he is. Speaking of OP, Gloxinia shows his stuff by bringing Escanor back to life (or at least healing the fatal wound) to demonstrate how he can grant their wish once they win.

With the commotion out of the way, Drole separates everyone into pairs to conduct a double battle if you will. The pairs range from “Yes, best team” with Meliodas and Ban, to “it’s freaking fate” with King and Diane, to this pair is downright strange with Matrona and Oslow. That pair was hilariously adorable~ Each pair will be facing off against random opponents and shockingly enough, Elizabeth and Elaine were paired together for a fight, much to Meliodas and Ban’s bewilderment and rage. But Elaine is shown to be able to hold her own considering she was the former Holy Maiden of the Fairfy Forest and guarded it in King’s absence. Just blasting the assassin guy back without much effort. Well, she did blow Ban back several times in the past lol. I ended up laughing really hard when Elizabeth and Elaine just started having girl bonding time in the middle of their fight, even the music turned all lighthearted and happy. Like they just completely disregarded their fight and started chatting with each other like they were having tea. I just couldn’t.

However, Elizabeth was shown to hold her own as well, not in combat but by being a healer, surviving a lethal poison injection from an assassin’s attack. This pair turned out to be more formidable than what meets the eye. Elaine is able to dish out the power and force while Elizabeth heals. And despite everything, Elizabeth heals the assassin that was knocked out. Though it ended rather tragically when the two are swallowed up by the earth on Drole and Gloxinia’s command since they wanted to get rid of the losers and probably devouring their souls in the process. I was mildly ticked off by Meliodas’ comment over Elizabeth didn’t need to cry but she did great. Like, dude, that’s not the issue here.

The next tag team battle with Meliodas and Ban vs the two demon birds was HILARIOUS. They just end up arguing over their respective girls. The demon bird’s reaction to Ban’s hand growing back after it cut it off was great. Especially when Meliodas is like “Huh? Where did your hand go?” And Ban brushes it off saying Meliodas is just changing the subject. Not to mention when Meliodas and Ban start rough housing, they unknowingly kill the demon birds in the process. I love how confused they were to see their opponents dead. “Huh? Why is this guy dead?” QUALITY. It was literally them escaping the prison all over again. I’m glad that Ban and Meliodas are on good terms again and are acting like the bros they’re meant to be.

Oh man. King… KING PLEASE. This battle was definitely interesting, especially how it starts out with King being freaking shoved in between Diane’s boobs to protect him because she thought he was just this wimpy human. Dear goodness…. He was probably enjoying that, well considering his happy expression and the nosebleeds. The fact that the pairs were decided by fate, literally solidifies how Diane and King are meant to be together despite how Diane constantly loses her memories. UGH MY OTP FEELS.

It’s always kind of funny how King literally acts like he’s in a pinch but is completely fine soon after. These fairies and their games… But King, why are you choosing such an inopportune time to try and confess your feelings? YOU’RE IN THE MIDDLE OF COMBAT. Why are all the combatants just having a chat whenever they’re fighting??? XD Though I do appreciate King’s growth, realizing he shouldn’t just wait for Diane to realize his feelings, he has to put them into words. Unfortunately, the moment is ruined when Diane notices King’s Chastiefol got the stuffing beat out of it. But there is a time and place for everything and this definitely isn’t the time for a confession. Save it for later, King.

It may just be me, but when Gloxinia realized that King was the one who destroyed the Albion earlier, it felt so ominous. Especially how amused he sounded by it. I think the only thing that threw me off was how King didn’t notice Diane being in the clearing with him before they were separated into pairs. He was so desperate to see her again and yet when they are gathered into the same space, he didn’t realize she was there? That’s only a small nitpick though since this episode was hilarious and a lot of fun to watch. And while I’m crossing my fingers to see a certain scene in the future, I’m wondering if they’ll make it. A part of me feels like they won’t since there’s only seven episodes left, but I guess we’ll see.


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2 Responses

  1. V says:

    Honestly based on the manga, and the fact that there aren’t any fillers, the scene you have in mind might not be animated until the next season and only if the next season is 24-25 episodes these this one and season 1.

    We’re in a conundrum here given that if they immediately decide to do the next season so soon after this one, then we’ll have a longer wait time for the season after, since everything is going fast-paced as far as I can see.

    Thank goodness the manga doesn’t publish a new chapter once a month, as attack on titan does, or else there’ll be a longer gap between seasons.

    • Shadow says:

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure they won’t make it, since the pacing would be just dreadful if they shove everything into those last seven episodes. Considering they waited for this second season for a couple years, I wouldn’t put it past them to wait another year or two before releasing season 3. And I’m with you on that, I’m glad it’s a weekly updated manga series. Hopefully a situation like Attack on Titan doesn’t happen again, since that wait literally killed off the fandom. (Though I totally understand why it happened since the anime studio made a mistake to have 26 episodes and basically caught up to the manga)

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