Mahou Shoujo Ore – Episode 9

Alright, now that we’ve worked out that Hyoue is the leader of the demons. We just need so ‘investigate’ [stalk] them and catch him in the act and prove it. Which is great and all, but that’s going to have to wait until next episode. Because instead of continuing the plot, we’re going to stop and look at our anime only magical girls. The girls of the singing group called Prisma. Michiru Ogawa and Ruka Kiryu, to be honest i’ve been curious about them as they’ve lurked in the background of other episodes.
Unfortunately, I should of known better then to really get my hopes up. Ruka is even more of a blatant lesbian for her singing partner then Sakuyo was. Constantly blushing and thinking how cute she is, snapping pictures of her and flashing her immensely thirsty looks and Michiru was just blatantly in love with Magical Girl Ore. Somehow, not in love enough to have decent or good love power though.

Because then they are approached by a shady salesman type offering them up to become magical girls. He says right off that Ruka has plenty of love power, but that Michiru is lacking in it. So he packages them in a two for one deal, making them both magical girls but because Michiru’s love power is so weak. Her lifespan as a magical girl is drastically decreased. Meaning, she ages at a way faster rate as a magical girtl…but her civilian form is fine.
Was, was that a crack at Magical Girl Site? Honestly, if it was…it was a poorly executed one.

Prisma tries to gain fame as magical girls, but it’s just not working out for them. As a concert that the three bands are supposed to be performing together is attacked [well, Mohiro is attacked.] the Prisma girls try to handle it. However, they are taken down quickly and the OG magical girl duo has to step in. However, Saki and Sakuyo encourage the prisma girls and have them shout out their love power. Ruka shouts her love for Michiru to a shocked Michiru and Ruka is like,
“Really…like I was super obvious about it. I wasn’t even hiding it…come on.”

Then the four of them power up together and take out the giant demon that had formed from a bunch of demons fusing together. Kokoro-chan beats down the guy who gave the Prima girls their powers for using a sketchy and mostly illegal contract.
The guy ‘Happy’ was Kokoro’s brother and he gets his ass whooped. We cut back to the girls and see that male Michiru has aged even more and it’s disgusting and it tries to end on a laugh track. Even having Michiru scream “Stop trying to end the episode on a laugh.”

We get a close up of Hyoue, muttering to himself that there are more magical girls now.

Yeah, this episode panned out about the way I expected it too. It did nothing outright offensive, but it did nothing to progress anything and just fluffed out the series run time which has been running pretty dry for weeks honestly.
The only thing I can say is that the end is in sight and that the next episode is what this one should of been. The girls keeping an eye on Hyoue and trying to catch him in the act of actually being the demons boss.

Next episode, ‘Magical Girl Stalking’ er…’Magical Girl Investigations’. If you want to go by Saki’s definition of what they are doing.


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