Mahou Shoujo Ore – Episode 7 [Lesson]

A large improvement from episode six, episode seven develops more then one joke and hints at a larger overall plot. The episode begins with your typical anime girl waking up late for school and rushing out of the house, however, her mother collapses shortly after she leaves. Kokoro-chan comes over and finds her collapsed and in pain. The mid episode is him giving her a back massage with the usual ‘Oh are they having sex’ kinda thing going on. Calling attention to the fact it’s an overused cliche’ doesn’t make it funnier. Honestly, what would of been actually funny is if they were actually having sex and then it was like “What, did you think I was just giving her a massage? That would of been lame.”
Apparently, Saki’s mother has still been acting as a magical girl. Even now at her age, Kokoro-chan encourages her to stop and let her daughter take over. Sign the contract, end  her time as a magical girl. It’s obvious that her body can’t keep up anymore. She says one more week, she wants to enjoy her time being a magical girl for one more week. We also see her magic stick, not sure if that’s important yet…but I think it is.

Meanwhile, the girls are becoming a huge success, as boys. They even have a major recording label coming up! For now though, they have the day off. So what better to do on your day off but hit up a karaoke bar and work on your singing skills.
Their manager is a blessing. Honestly, he may be just as one note as almost everyone else in this series but god if he isn’t one of my favorite characters. He came to this city in search of magical girls, when his hunt turned up dry he took on a job as an idol manager. He found and scouted these girls and stuck with them, even as he almost got himself sacked for managing a unpopular pair. He stuck with them to the end! Now they are super popular and he got his dream of meeting magical girls.

Also, watching him show them examples of how to properly engage an audience and dance and sing. All with three after images of himself. He’s such a pure.

As he’s showing off his act, Fujimoto pops in for a second to deliver their drinks. Sakuyo and the manager don’t react to this at all and with the only actually funny joke this week Saki exclaims. “IS NOBODY GOING TO COMMENT ON THIS?”
Sakuyo passes it off as not even noticing. However, they are not surprised, saying Fujimoto is probably working part time. They did mention that they are poor. After this bit, the girls head of the karaoke room to go to the bathroom and in the bathroom there is a demon there.
Saki turns around and goes to head back to the karaoke room but opens the wrong door. Finding Mohiro and Hyoue singing in the room next door. Then in the room next to that, a bunch of demons trying to get into the room that Mohiro is in.

Saki transforms, and brutally beats the hell out of the demons. breaking her magic stick in the process. Which is why I think her mom’s showing up in the episode earlier is important. Sakuyo breaches the topic of the mastermind behind the demons being closer then they think. Someone who knows where her brother is at all times. Someone who would know about a probably private karaoke session. Clearly it must be…

Saki questions who and Kokoro-chan speaking for the audience asks if she is really that dense. This is where the episode cuts. Oh my god, alright. So this episode was a vast improvement over last weeks. Where last weeks episode left me angry for hours and seeking validation in my hate of everything that happened in it. This episode made me go “Okay, that was decent.” It wasn’t comedy gold by a long shot, but it wasn’t offensive and it didn’t feel like it was smashing it’s joke into a brick wall trying to get it to stick to the wall.
The manager was charming and funny as always. There seems to be some kind of plot going down. Sakuyo is about to call out Hyoue which i’ve been doing since episode two.


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