Mahou Shoujo Ore – Episode 6 [Can we go back to last week?]

Hot springs episodes are hard to pull off properly. I’ve seen very few episodes that can successfully have a hot springs episode that does not focus either too much on fanservice, or just get downright boring. Mahou Shoujo Ore manages a whole new low in making this possibly the most awkward and least funny episode yet.

The girls head up to a Hot Springs resort for a karaoke event, something that was booked well in advance of when they premiered as Magical Girls. So it’s a gig they don’t have to transform to sing for, which the girls are pretty excited about. Can’t blame them, can’t say i’d be too happy if I worked all my life to get myself a singing career only to be a total flop as my real gender but make it as a male idol. Wait a second, is this a hidden commentary on the Japanese idol industry? Is it easier to make it as a male idol? Am I try to read too hard into this so I don’t have to discuss the rest of the episode? Yeah, probably.
As they are heading there, they run into Mohiro and Hyoue, who were in the area recording their latest music video. Saki as per-usual, makes a complete ass of herself in front of Mohiro and it’s awkward and painful to watch. It might be the least awkward and painful part of the episode looking back on it.

So, the girls manager forgets their karaoke track. So they lip sync their own song. Then act as the hosts while someone else sings and eventually they go head to their rooms and then get ready to head to the bath.
I hate this, I legitimately hate this. The idea that because Sakuyo is in love with Saki that she’s going to act predatory to her is NOT a fucking healthy idea. It’s not funny, the idea that Sakuyo would transform into a guy and take Saki against her will is disgusting. The fact that Saki even thinks that of her friend is horrible! I’m not even sure what group this idea is attacking!? Gays!? Lesbians? Men? Any way you cut it, it’s not cute, it’s not funny and it’s just horrible and annoying to watch. Like, Sakuyo shouldn’t HAVE to remind her BEST FRIEND that she wouldn’t do anything that she didn’t want to her. Thank goodness we don’t linger on this line of comedy for too long and Sakuyo excuses herself to the bath.

Saki heads to the bath as well and, oh god, okay. I saw it coming when I learned that Mohiro and Hyoue would be staying at the hotel during a storm but the sign saying ‘reserved men’s bath’ falls down and Saki walks in on accident. So she ends up in there when Mohiro comes in, she transforms in a panic.
This isn’t a bad comedy set up. If it didn’t fall into a pattern of using the same joke of her overheating and beginning to lose her love power. Having to look down at the water to look at his…well you know, to recharge and then discharging immediately.
If the joke wasn’t funny the first time, stop using it. If it WAS funny the first time, still stop. Because eventually it will be begging for the sweet release of death.

After some time in the water, Mohiro takes male Saki into the sauna. They sit in there for a bit, and then Mohiro wants to head to the cold water. Knowing the cold water will turn her back into a girl probably, Saki refuses and stays in the Sauna. At which point, she could of just gotten up, walked out and gone and left and transformed back somewhere safe. That would deny us the painfully unfunny moments of watching Saki struggle to maintain the transformation through near death though. So why do the smart thing!?

Mohiro mistakes Ore not wanting to leave the sauna as a test of manliness. [I did chuckle here, but only because I couldn’t help but think of Dangan Ronpa.] So he comes back in and sits there, and i suppose unwilling to lose…Saki stays? Like, what’s the point? You could of just said you lost and left at any point. Why risk your identity? Why risk dying of heat exhaustion? None of this makes sense to me!

Meanwhile, Sakuyo finds out that Mohiro is there and that their manger saw him in the bath. Sakuyo knowing that’s where Saki will be, transforms into their male form and goes to head to the bath and runs down to go get Saki. However, trying to take a shortcut she runs into a banquet of demons! The countdown begins before Saki will pass out from the heat and transform back and Sakuyo is fighting the demons. Okay, really, there is no tension because we know that he’s not going to find out this early in the series what the truth is.
Which is exactly what happens. Her identity is safe and Sakuyo saves her from dying from overheating.

Also, Hyoue loses a button and Sakuyo sees it. I think Sakuyo is in on that, Hyoue is the villain boat now.

This was just a poor episode. There is no two ways around it. The ‘jokes’ were painful. I suppose I could see a few references with the hot water keeping them male and the cold water making them turn back into a female as a ranma reference. It could also be like, turning yourself off with a cold shower. I am back to considering dropping the show, I’ll do what I did last time and give it one more episode. Honestly, i’m halfway through at this point and i’m kind of thinking it’s not worth it to drop it…but I don’t know how much more of this I can take. It’s just painful to watch a show that really, had the best premise i’d heard in a while sit there and fail so horridly.


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