Magical Girl Site – Episode 7

Kosame suggests a meeting between her friends, other magical girls that have joined the cause. So, they are to meet at 6 PM at the park. First, they must go to the school and convince Nijimin to accompany them. Lucky for them, they don’t have to seek her out since she comes storming up demanding to talk about Shioi. Yatsumura agrees to talk and they head to the roof and begin their discussion, they get Nijimin to agree to help them capture a site admin and find more information on tempest on the condition that she be allowed to kill Shioi with her own two hands.
Speaking of Shioi, guess who shows up as a new transfer student in their class.
Nijimin immediately jumps up ready to command Shioi to kill herself. Which you know, is probably a bad idea to do in the middle of class. Thank god Yatsumura jumps her and covers her mouth. She yells at Aya to do something.
Aya could do anything! Like grab Shioi and run, or take Yatsumura’s magic stick and freeze time or rip Nijimin’s panties off so she can’t use her power in front of the whole class. Wait, serious? Are we really going for that last option? There are 101 ways we could of gone through this without resorting to that. Yatsumura takes the panties from Aya and runs off, leaving Aya and Nijimin to have to go to the teachers office and make excuses for what just happened. I only wish the series went into what kind of cover story they made for that debocial.

Aya brings Nijimin to the park, Where they meet with Yatsumura and Shioi. Yatsumura says she’s hidden Nijimin’s magic stick until she can control her temper. Kosame shows up with her allies, this part of the episode is dedicated to introducing the new characters but honestly. I can’t really force myself to care what their names are. A lot of them seem interesting, but this is episode seven of a show with twelve episodes. I’m pretty sure none of them are going to live very long.
There’s a teenage girl with a necklace for a magic stick that seems to enhance her physical abilities. There’s a samurai girl who’s magic stick is a sword that hardens anything it cuts. A rich seeming girl who’s got the most basic magic stick of all, a flying broom and and transgender girl who has a ring magic stick that gives telepathy.
By far, the most interesting character introduced here is the Transgender girl. She seems like the one that is least likely to be used as fodder. Kosame’s group promises to support Aya’s group while they search for their magic sticks. They will keep in contact and work together to capture a site admin. The group breaks up and Aya heads home with Yatsumura and Shioi.

Shioi is invited to live there with her as well.

Kosame calls to tell Aya something, a train goes by and screws the audience out of knowing what it is. Whatever it is, it reduces Aya to tears and she asks Kosame a favor but the episode ends before we are any the wiser to what it is.

That was the bulk of the action this episode, but there was also a lot of emotion. A lot of moments of connection between Aya and Yatsumura. as they are reminded by Kosame that her stick healed their injuries but it can’t extend their lives. She isn’t a god. They realize, they aren’t going to make it to be adults. It’s really sad to see kids their age contemplating their own mortality. Thinking of all the things they want to do before they die.
Yatsumura mentions that she has never been to the ocean before in her life and would like to see it with Aya before she dies. Which, with the next episode having ‘summer’ in the title. I can only assume we will be addressing next episode.

The relationship between Yatsumura and Aya is honestly kind of cute. Be it as friends, or as young puppy love. They are the support each other needs and it’s good to see them getting that support.

If I am right about the ‘beach’ episode being next episode. I feel like it will be very much like the beach episode in ‘Another’, where it’s all fun and games until somebody dies. Also, I am still super weary of Aya’s brother as he stands creepily as they bring Shioi over to stay with them.


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3 Responses

  1. curehibiki says:

    “or take Yatsumura’s magic stick and freeze time”

    Ah… remember…Yatsumura’s stick is kinda…missing too so her only two options were take Shioi and run or take the panties XD

    • MidnightDevont says:

      I did forget about that xD but taking Shioi and running was still an option.

      • curehibiki says:

        Yeah she could have done that but I guess the show wanted to do something comedic? XD

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