Magical Girl Site – Episode 6

Well color me wrong, I thought the white haired girl was there to kill Shioi. However, instead she was there to heal her.The white haired girl, Kosame Amagai, has a magic stick that heals people with her blood when she cuts herself with it. She pulls Shioi from her coma and heals both Aya and Yatsumura. Her purpose in doing this? Gaining allies. Because at the end of the day they are being duped by the site administrators at Magical Girl Site.
The information they find on tempest is basically this. There is no way to stop it from coming, what you can do to survive through it though is gather up a lot of negative energy into your stick and present it to the site on the day of Tempest as an offering and you’ll survive. Only, this involves using your stick a lot. Which kills you, in other words…it’s a scam. The girls figure there has to be more to this, so there is a plan. The plan? Capture a Site admin and get them to talk.

Aya, Shioi and Yatsumura go to find the sticks that were lost in the building collapse. Well, Aya and Yatsumura look for the sticks that were lost in the building collapse and Shioi just kind of lounges around. There is a cute moment, where Yatsumura, thinking that she lost her reason to live when she lost the guy she was torturing for revenge. Thinks that, perhaps, for Aya, she’ll live just a little bit longer.

Meanwhile the Site admins get together. They acknowledge that this is a problem, they can’t have the girls uprising and begin killing off some girls that know too much. One can only wonder how long it will be until our main characters count as girls who know too much. I’m still not entirely sure where this tempest plot is headed, the mysterious sleeping figure upon the pile of corpses at the end of the episode leaves me with far more questions then answers.
It will be interesting to see the girls struggle against the coming Apocalypse though.

In this episode though, there is one girl from our main cast so far that does not learn the truth of the Magical Girl Site. Nijimi who arrived at Aya’s house to exact her revenge on Aya for ‘pretending’ to be her friend, while lying to her about Shioi. When she lays eyes on Aya’s brother and it’s love at first sight.God, I couldn’t help but laugh as they sat in the living room both thinking about hurting Aya and smiling kindly at one another. I haven’t seen this much fake in a room since I’ve been to a wax museum.
I have suspected for a while that Aya’s brother was going to play an important role in this series. He is very suspicious of Nijimi’s claim that she just became fast friends with Aya after transfering to the school. He suspects that she has something to do with Magical Girl Site. He also catches on to her crush very quickly and decides to make use of it.

As she leaves, he lends her an umbrella as an excuse for her to come back and for them to meet again. His suspicions about Magic are only doubled when Aya and Yatsumura show up at the house, with their wounds fully healed. With Aya asking if Yatsumura can stay with them since she lost her place to live. I don’t like it, I don’t like him. I don’t like the idea that I know that he is going to manipulate Nijimi.

I was hoping when Shioi was awoken from her coma we’d get some answers. However, what we are greeted with is simply more questions. What is the Site Administration’s goal? Who or what is that white haired thing sitting at the center of the pile of corpses? What is Tempest and can it actually be stopped? Will Aya’s brother actually get what’s coming to him? As we reach the half way point I find that I am very invested in finding the answer to these questions.


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    Virtual Youtuber Kizuna Ai guest stars as the kimono-clad site admin.

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