Hugtto! Precure Episode 17

…………..Well this one was yet again another major fight that ended up as a mixed bag for me. However the power of friendship was not the issue here, in fact it was fine, but what really irked me are the on-going inconsistencies of Pupple’s character.

It baffles my mind how Pupple has been reverted to the lazy villain, who just let all of this happen in front of her, without even trying anything to stop it! This annoys me to no ends because we saw her be scary last week! WHERE IS THE PUPPLE WHO WON’T HANDLE BETRAYAL NICELY? She should have at least tried to interfere! Not to mention, their colleague who made the suggestion to switch Lulu’s program to a Battle Protocol made it clear that she would be responsible for whatever happens. For a crime of a member betraying their organization, I find it terribly hard to believe Pupple would simply just stand there and passively watch things play-out when she is the one who is going to be held accountable for the outcome of this fight. And then there was also that little bit where we see her “soften up” by telling the guy she wasn’t planning on anything drastic— uh lady, do you not remember the terrible things you did to Charaleet!? Not to mention, she freaking SNIPED Lulu last week, and always identified her as a doll. In what way would switching her program to Battle Protocol be too much? Please make up your mind!

So we learn now that she’s definitely an Android, but now she has formed a “heart”. She was able to retain some of her memories, and eventually with the help of the girls, she was able to break free and is now officially aligned with the Precure team. During this fight the girls showed off some creative new tricks with their powers, Saaya and Homare combing the two to create a ride for Hana to reach Lulu when she was blocking them out. It was neat to see, but at the same time it felt like it came out of nowhere since they have never done such a thing in a past. It also didn’t particularly help how I found the fight to be incredibly dull. The only kicker I got from it was really Hana’s tone and stubbornness of adamantly refusing to believe Lulu betrayed them and was a spy. To some extent, hearing that helped relieve some of the guilt that was eating up away at Lulu’s newfound heart. But what ultimately “saved” her was despite her betrayals, Hana accepts her back, and even tells her that she loves her. (Happy Lulu is the cutest thing!)

With this new heart, Lulu to some extent has been reduced to a child-like mindset. Crying her eyes out because she isn’t used to this kind of pain triggered by emotions. She perceives it as a bug in her system, complicating her perfect world, free from errors, pain and despair. In fact, that right there may have been a critical clue behind Crisasu’s motives of robbing the future. If they steal the future away to enable people to forget time and live in quiet lives, free from suffering, in their mind, that could be what they perceive as a perfect world.

And while we are on the subject of the villains, there was a not so subtle hint in regards to Harry harbouring even bigger secrets than we may initially imagined. He knows about Crisasu not being a very forgiving group, who does not treat betrayals lightly. For him to know such details, I could imagine two possibilities: Either he served as an undercover agent for a period of time, or at some point in his life, he was affiliated with Crisasu. If it turns out to be the latter, it could be his betrayal was the key to ensuring Hugtan’s survival. Anyhow, he is certainly not ready to let the girls know of all his secrets just yet. However if he is a former member of Crisasu, I wonder if there is anyone would might recognize him, or else perhaps he changed his appearance.

At this point, I am convinced it is probably only a matter of time before both Emiru and Lulu become Precures. They are certainly set to become a duo as the two have a unique friendship in a way Lulu doesn’t have with the main trio. Not to mention, since Emiru had approached the battle scene, she was able to discover they have been right under her nose the entire time.

PS: Does Hugtan have like teleportation abilities or something? How the hell does she slip out of Harry’s arms like that?!


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5 Responses

  1. Wanderer says:

    “PS: Does Hugtan have like teleportation abilities or something? How the hell does she slip out of Harry’s arms like that?!”

    It’s a special power held by all babies: the ability to instantly escape parents/babysitters/guardians as soon as their attention is off the child, and end up in exactly the last place those people would want them to be. ;)

    I’m glad to see Lulu saved. It certainly seemed the most likely thing that would happen, but it’s not without precedent for a villain who aims for redemption to end up being killed in the process.

  2. V. says:

    Pupple is just a villain dependent on her moods. It’s similar to humans who one minute are all talk and no action, and next minute they do the action but find it tiring so they decide to take a long break before making the next move. Procrastination with eventual job done, is what I’d say.

    • Eva says:

      LMAO! That is in fact, very true. 😂 Then that gives her rather “realistic” attributes, flaws and all!

  3. June says:

    In defence of Papple, I think that blast last week seemed to be from Criasu Corp itself since it was aimed from on high. I don’t think she has that sort of power herself.
    The directing of last episode was just a little darker than this one so she came across as more intimidating. That’s the sort of inconsistencies I’ve gotten used to with Precure.

  4. Eva says:

    Notice: Hugtto! Precure Ep 18 entry will be postponed and released as a double-post with Ep 19 next week!!!

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