Hugtto! Precure Episode 15

I am in tears, oh my god, what is air?! I CAN’T BREATHE! This episode was hysterical! Comedy was on point!!!

Is it a strange to say this episode felt like an entirely different series? It felt like I wasn’t watching Precure, but like a spin-off. I guess to some extent that sums up the nature of the episode.

As much as I enjoyed the comedy and interaction between Emiru and Lulu, and I am feeling a bit iffy about how rapidly Lulu’s development has been progressing. When she got angry on Emiru’s behalf, while it is supposed to “out of character” for her, I can’t help but feel as though they are they are being quite hasty with her “emotional growth”. I more or less suspect they are setting it up so Lulu will eventually rediscover herself and become a precure. In just the short period of time she was with Emiru, Lulu expressed various forms of emotions, from pain, comfort, nostalgia, pouting, and even getting angry. When this happened, it felt as though I was watching an entirely different character. By the end of the episode, she goes back to her usual deadpan expressions, so it is a strange progression to say the least.

I don’t know if Emiru will ever become a Precure, but she certainly wants to be a hero in her own way, even if it’s a clumsy one with no super-powers. Her role today was to help introduce all these things to Lulu, even it some of the things were borderline annoying (the comedy skits were really the only thing that kept things in balance). Although Emiru wishes to be friends with her (and rightfully so, since Lulu did a fantastic job of shutting up her obnoxious brother), Lulu has no interest in that, nor does she want to become a “precure” with her. I laughed so hard when they brought up the spoof title (Erutto! Pretty Cure) and name, “CURE LALILULELULU”. 

Overall this was a great episode to watch! This episode’s primary focus was on Lulu’s character growth, one that we spotted a twinkle (although I don’t know if that was supposed to belong to Lulu, or Emiru, it was a bit vague to me). Next week will be focusing on Homare, perhaps we will be seeing a bit more of the other layers to her character as we did with Saaya in last week’s episode.

NOTICE: Episode 16 Subs is due to be delayed and potentially released a few days before Episode 17! So Episode 16 & 17 will be released as a double post!


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7 Responses

  1. Is obvious that the two will become cures thanks to the hack of toys and this episode is like the first step

  2. Silent Protagonist says:

    This episode was full of cringe, but the good kind of cringe. The kind that makes you smile instead of hating life like usual.

    Emiru’s goofiness seems to run in the family, with the exception of her dickish brother who seems to have recently escaped the 1940’s. “Girls shouldn’t play guitar,” Christ above. I get that this is Japan and this kind of attitude is semi-normalized over there but we JUST got done with a season with a rock band that had not one but two girls in it (also I think one of them was playing bass, I don’t remember)!

    On the subject of Lulu’s development, I don’t think it’s so much “development” as it is a re-development. Which is to say: I believe that at one point Lulu was in fact human, possibly from the same future as Hugtan, then Crias found her, put her though some magical-wibbly-wobbly-memory-erasing whatever to make her into the robot-esque doll we see today.

    So it’s not so much that she’s developing a personality, she’s getting back the one she had all along.

    • Eva says:

      Haha well said, full of cringe, but good kind of cringe! XD

      Omg her brother made me so mad, when he said that, I wanted to throw something at him. Lulu’s comeback was freaking glorious, put him in his place.

      I agree with the assessment of “Re-development”. I was also thinking whether or not she was once Human, victim to the Crias (and would make Pupple’s description of her as a “doll” a lot more sense).

  3. Williukea says:

    The subber has said that next episode will be released around the same time as ep 17, maybe few days earlier

  4. Wilfredo Sifr Starduster says:

    “Is it a strange to say this episode felt like an entirely different series?”

    Actually, full-blown comedic elements for the sake of fun were a thing done before. For if you’re truly into a Precure-based light-hearted but also comically funny season, Smile Precure (2012) was the perfect treat. (Just ignore the cringeworthy finale…)

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