Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Kaikou Episode 7

It’s finally here! Yang’s takeover of Iserlohn Fortress is a very memorable part of the original OVAs and I’m glad to say that the new adaptation did it justice and beyond!

The entrance into Iserlohn Fortress itself was beautifully done. Immediately as Schonkopf’s ship enters Iserlohn, we’re greeted with this death star-esque space port of white walls and neon lights. The architecture and design of the fortress is further developed through the half completed diagram that Yang displays and through the tram ride on Iserlohn itself. The place looks a lot more futuristic than it did in the original OVAs and I’m really glad for that because it shows that Production I.G is really trying hard to modernize the material a bit more.

The infiltration mission itself was very well done, and the tense piano score that played throughout definitely contributed to the atmosphere of the entire operation. The weaving of Schonknopf’s adaptation original background into the mission itself was a welcome change, and it didn’t feel obstructive to the operation at hand and managed to supplement Schonknopf’s personality a bit. I’m sure the episode could’ve been just as great without it, but it’s not worse off for adding it in. In fact, maybe it provides some well warranted insight into Schonknopf’s history with the Galactic Empire that justifies his reasoning for joining Yang more so than simply to repay the trust that Yang placed onto him.

The full body scan had me a bit tense because the Lieutenant in charge seemed to be the most competent guy on the job. When the scan revealed the pen on Schonkopf’s body, I half expected him to stab the lieutenant in the head on the spot, but this is also why I don’t work in espionage.

Now the highlight the episode for me was definitely the conflict within the control room itself. I loved how Schonkopf’s response to Yang was, “I’ll work something out,” because that really is the essence of his cocky self. Schonkopf dodging the point blank laser shots to his head was amazing, and I liked the mix between normal pace and slow motion to emphasize the movements. Top if off with the cherry of that dazzling smug smile and, “Your Excellency Stockhausen you are now our prisoner,” and it came together for a satisfying scene conclusion.

The final portion of the episode revolving around Admiral Seeckt’s return to Iserlohn had me fuming as much as it did Yang. Yang’s right in that stubborn men like Seeckt are the reason this war has gone on for so long, causing needless deaths. Oberstein understands this as well, and chooses to leave Seeckt behind, deciding it foolish to die for such an idiot. When Seeckt decides to charge into Iserlohn, Yang’s disgust is obvious. Just how many lives is Seeckt willing to throw away for honor’s sake? This proves to be a great personal moment for Yang where he decides to to minimize the casualties by using Thor’s Cannon on the flanks of the fleet rather than simply annihilating it. However, Thor’s Cannon is a huge superweapon and even though Yang was strict on its usage, it nevertheless must’ve caused thousands of deaths in its radius. Also can I just say that the upgraded animations for Thor’s Hammer is just gorgeous, and it definitely shows off the scale and power of the weapon. The disintegration of Empire ships was a great touch and showcases why Yang must despise using such a weapon. 

Unfortunately for Yang, his success and fame as a “Magician” will probably grant him the opposite of the retirement he wants, and I’m sure the Free Planets Alliance will refuse to release him from service now. At Least he has his brandy!


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