Caligula Episode 5 – Everyone gets hurt. But those who don’t realize they’re hurting can’t be healed

Buckle up people because today’s episode is going to teach you a lot about the yin and yang of the bedroom. That’s right, sadomasochism. And, by the looks of it, our very own Philosopher King is testing out the waters. Is that a blush I see?

I guess the people running the show realized that maybe the past few episodes have been a bit much for us viewers to take in. What with all these mind-wrangling psychological concepts and simulations and what not. The perfect remedy, you ask? Why, a theme park based, lovey-dovey, bikini-wearing, ‘good, sexy woman’ competition episode of course!

All jokes aside, I really didn’t appreciate this episode. Instead of advancing the plot and learning about the characters we are barely acquainted with, we got a new girl and a new guy. Just to be clear, the side plots in this episode included Mifue going to find her real mother and apologize, Shougo desperately running to the roof in what looked like an attempt to stop someone from jumping, and a mysterious guy (possible new recruit?) that was in the room all day with Suzuna. See also: the ACTUAL plot points of the show. Geez. It definitely seemed like those could’ve just been the actual episode. Instead, we got the mid-life crisis shtick from an old lady that can’t bear to not be the center of attention for 30 seconds.

It’s good that another user of the catharsis effect is in play now though. While I reign in my bitterness about none of the other characters getting one yet, Kotono’s archer transformation will probably be very useful next week. And it was a pretty cool moment too. This is the first character we’ve seen develop one. Which means we know others can get it and we also basically know how to get it too. Not to mention, this is the first time we might be seeing an actual fight between the musicians and the rogues.

Perhaps the only interesting part for me this time around was the very brief moment that Shikishima faltered in his goal to escape from mobius. Judging by how that scene was intentionally left unresolved (he was interrupted by Tomoe before he could answer Aria’s question) I’m assuming that will continue to develop. While it’s not an uncommon question in this type of hypothetical situation, deciding to leave a literal paradise that fulfills all of your desires isn’t really something that’s easily decided. Even if you talk it out. Actually, especially if you talk it out. Kotono goes as far to say that she’d rather live in the real world even if it’s in despair.

I was with her… up until a point. You know? I can already see it as a really bad comedy skit.

‘We gotta get outta here! This is all completely fake. ‘

‘Yeah, Let’s go!’

‘No matter what, we’re breaking out!’

‘Of course! No way I’m stayin’ here.’

‘Even if we have to live in constant despair and unhappiness!’

‘Hell ye- wait, what?’

‘Cause it’ll be our own choice! No one can tell us what to do anymore.’

‘Ohhhhh… no.’

And this is why I stick to anime reviews and not comedy skits.

All-in-all, I’m still digging the show. While I wish it was taking a more serious tone, I’m still enjoying what we’ve been given so far and there’s still a lot of cool psychology to explore as it is now. My ‘fear’ is that rather than deep diving into any one thing in particular, they just turn this show into an episodic series that shallowly highlights different traumas for each character and then throw in a whatever ending to wrap it up. If they’re gonna do that, at least make them more in-depth discussions.

Do you really think you’d leave a perfect world, tailored to your desires? If you knew it was fake and you were offered perfect brainwashing or an exit, which do you think you’d honestly go for?



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