Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei Bu Happy Kiss! -Episode 7

Summer time is here and it’s time for Binan High School’s All-men swimming competition and Pretty Boy contest, each with a hundred years of history. This year, the person who performs the best at the swimming competition. Too bad our Monster of the week can’t swim, and thus can’t live what he feels is a fulfilling summer. Besides, who’s idea was it to have a swimming competition where only the people who can swim can shine!?
That’s not important for now though, what’s important is all this amazing fanservice. Mostly with the student council and a little bit with the defense club.

Unazuki rocking his swimsuit and running through the log course with ease, with Wakura noticing the swimsuit and complimenting his appearance. Bless my shipping heart on this one.

Maasa and Taishi participate in a event where Taishi is to play the horse while they cross the pool and Maasa rides on his back. Maasa snaps at Taishi for going too slow at first, so just forgoing the idea of moving on all fours. He just breaks out into a sprint and gets them across in record time. Scaring the hell out of Maasa and making him dizzy in the process.

The last of the student council members is the president Ata. His goal is to humiliate Kyōtarō in front of the entire school by forcing him into a loin cloth. Ata, sweetie, you’re intelligent and wonderful, but this isn’t exactly your sharpest or most cunning plan.
It’s all horridly derailed when one of the members of the event that he is supposed to be participating in with Ryoma has to drop out due to illness and Kyōtarō takes their place. Then wins the whole thing for them while sleeping. It’s looking like he’s favorite to win the pretty boy contest as a result of his amazing performance in sleep dodging.
Of course, this angers Ata to no end.

So it’s time to go find the boy who can’t swim and was sitting around being bitter and turn him into the monster of the week. God, somehow, with all the talk of swimsuits in the beginning of the episode I was afraid that we were going to end up with a swimsuit monster. Thankfully, we go with a kickboard instead. So he comes in, and screams and whines about how you can’t have a fulfilling summer if you can’t swim. How it’s shameful to always have to rely on a kickboard when in the pool.
Wakura is absolutely no help. As he casually brags about how he became the number 1 kickboard champ and didn’t need it anymore by the second grade, meaning this guy would look like a kid forever.

Kyōtarō saving the day again with his lazy advice, this time given from Maasa’s pink clam shell floatie. Is that you don’t need to be able to swim to have a fulfilling summer. There are plenty of other things you can do, relax in front of a fan after a hot bath. Enjoy ice cream, literally almost anything that isn’t swimming. They vanquish the Monster and the school just thinks it was some kind of sentai monster show. Too bad due to the magic, none of them are going to remember it.
Except the part where the guy won the pretty boy contest. That they all get to remember, for happiness.

Another slow week with no character development or plot advancement. I kind of wish these episodes had been towards the beginning and the character building ones were now. Oh well, it’s no different then watching Classic Sailor Moon in any case. Monster of the week filler is the staple of the magical girl genre and i’m sure the meat of the conflict is coming soon.


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