Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii Episode 3

So we get the obligatory comiket episode that a lot of otaku animes tend to get into. We start out the episode with Narumi ridiculously behind on her doujinshi’s and I love how Hirotaka knew what was up despite her trying to hide her anxiety. But man, Hirotaka must be the absolute best boyfriend for Narumi ever. Or best boyfriend in general. He literally sat down and helped her with her doujinshi, even going as far as making corrections and giving her the screentones she needed. Not only is he willing to help Narumi in her interests, despite not being interested himself, but he’s also encouraging her and true to his word, isn’t dashing her hopes. That’s A+ boyfriend material if you ask me.

And man, if I didn’t like Narumi’s voice actress before, I absolutely LOVE her now. The SCREAMS she does are freaking hilarious. I died at the one she did off screen after seeing Hana in her cosplay. But man, does Hana go to town with her cosplay. I probably would have swooned too, Narumi. Hana got so much freaking attention from the fangirls that even Kabakura was jealous lol. Hirotaka pretty much summed up her scream pretty accurately. “You sound like a monkey that got ran over.” I couldn’t describe the way she screamed any better.

Hirotaka shows off his A+ boyfriend material once again by watching Narumi’s booth so that she could get doujinshis from this one artist that she loves. And we have to remember, Narumi is running a Yaoi doujinshi booth, so if left up to a normal boyfriend, that probably would have been super uncomfortable. Aware of this, Narumi hurries back after hearing a couple of girls talk about how “hot” it is that a guy is manning a Yaoi booth. And man, Hirotaka is just super chill about everything (he’s even reading the doujinshi as he waits). This man is a saint. Though I was super creeped out over that one “mob character” touching Hirotaka as he handed him one of the doujinshis. shudders

The second half of the episode started out mildly awkward after Hirotaka invited Narumi to his place, with Narumi believing that they would be engaging in… adult activities. Though I couldn’t help but laugh really hard at the prospect that Narumi couldn’t remember what color her underwear was. And then we find out that Hirotaka had invited Kabakura and Hanako to a sleepover as well. Which I found a little strange at first but then I remembered I am out of college and working and I still have sleepovers with my friends from time to time lol. Guess it’s not THAT weird… maybe.

At first Narumi was a little peeved at Hirotaka not telling her this was a group sleepover but as soon as he pulled the lonely kid answer “I never had so many people over playing games before. I’m having a lot of fun,” there was no way she could stay mad. Really though, who could stay mad at someone after pulling lines like that? We get some cameos going into Hirotaka’s room as Hanako and Narumi go porn stash hunting. The only figures I recognized were Yoshino and Futaba from Masamune-kun no Revenge, which was pretty hilarious to me since I didn’t think that anime/manga was popular enough to warrant a cameo as figures. It was also nice to see exactly how they met, through the power of nerd trading items. Though it was pretty sad that Narumi couldn’t remember how they met. But as an adult, you tend to forget specific events that happened during childhood. I mean, I don’t remember how I met my childhood friend and Hirotaka brings up a good point of Narumi having a lot of friends so it’d be difficult to retain every detail. In contrast to Hirotaka literally only having Narumi as a friend growing up. Which is sad since it seems like they grew apart during middle school if they didn’t go to the same high school.

As soon as I realized what they’d be covering in this episode, I got super excited because one of the cutest if not most random kisses would occur. Hirotaka is such a sweetie~ Even though he disguised the kiss as if he was about to hit Narumi after she asked him to. What a smooth transition I must admit. Hirotaka and Narumi’s relationship is so much fun to watch, especially as we get to see them get closer.

That’s freaking adorable~

Speaking of relationship, we get to see a little more of Kabakura and Hanako. And while they still bicker like cats and dogs, we get to see subtle hints of how much they mean to each other. With the adorable couple necklaces (that Kabakura seems to hide and be self-conscious about but wears it nonetheless) and Hanako falling asleep next to Kabakura while holding hands. That’s really precious~ That ship is probably the one I currently ship the most. Especially in the manga they are starting to go into how they met…

Overall, this episode was super adorable and the stories they used from the manga was already top notch. This anime continues to deliver with it’s 10/10 voice acting, the humor and the visuals. Can’t wait to see what will be adapted into next week’s episode~


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  1. zztop says:

    Fun fact – Masamune-kun’s Revenge source manga will be ending in 3 more chapters.

    The last Vol 10 will come with an OVA containing an “afterstory” after the manga’s end.

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