Tokyo Ghoul: Re Episode 2 – Guess who’s back again

“ Guess who’s back, back again, guess who’s back, Shady’s back, tell a friend..” – Without Me by Eminem

That song will never get old by the way. But the old cast is really back in session. We see ya boy Nisiki and Touka all in one episode. And I believe we see Touka’s brother. And that Arima guy, he sounds familar.

Everyone saw the finger thing, right?

But I’m struggling with the idea of people using ghouls to fight other ghouls. What the hell? So they inject humans with ghoul cells and then transfer them into half ghouls. Who agrees to that? And then Haise is just Kankei with this memory suppressed. Who f**kin thought that was good idea?( now we know who, that senior guy) A dangerous SS rated ghoul suppressed under a different personality who can come out at any time, if he is not controlled, he will probably kill everyone. I can’t wait until Kankei comes out, kills the CCG members who have to suppress him by slashing this kagune, kills half of team, and then goes on a rampage in Tokyo.

Nisiki is still as cocky as usual. Nothing has changed on that front. He’s like come here and fight me b*tch!

Then Urie. I can’t tell if he is an idiot, just letting his grief of losing his dad consume him, or he just wants to better than Haise because he doesn’t like him. It must be a combination of all three of those. It was stupid to update his frame, knowing that it may hurt him. He is sad that his father died and the other guy’s father didn’t. Haise is stronger than him because he has Kankei’s kagune and he knows he can’t be stronger. Reminds me of Naruto for some reason. Naruto is super strong because he has the 9 tails fox sealed in him and Haise is strong because Kankei is in him. Other characters get real jealous, but at the same time, they are both hated for their powers in the organization/town( of course, because they have killed people). Ouch. Their powers can also take over them, and they could probably kill everyone.

Urie also let his pride get in the way during that fight, and he got demoted. Got em. I was dying during that part. He also let his pride get in the way when he was demoted. I still was laughing. I should stop laughing because it really wasn’t funny. It is only funny because he tried to hard and he should let his promotion come with hard work, and not rush it.

That girl who can’t use her kagune is the leader now! She didn’t want that responsibility, but now she has it. How is going to handle this mess?

Touka in her coffee shop! My girl has her coffee shop. He remembers her a little. Love at first sight, fall in love again. I’m reminded of Hoshirro Girldrop: ” Fall in love again next week!”

Confirmed that Kankei’s personality influences Haise. I thought they honestly were 2 different people like Rosario and Vampire, but nope. He is visiting coffee shops and he is reading books.

Gotta get that ham! Ham is so salty though, how do you eat an entire thing? We never see that blue-haired girl the entire time except when she playing that PSP( does anyone PSP anymore?) or when she is stealing the ham. We’ll see more of her soon.

The Nutcracker.

My first thought: Oh no…

My second thought: They probably meant something else. This is Tokyo Ghoul and not a dirty comedy show.

Me: (watches show) Ouch. She actually breaks people’s nuts in a BDSM club and then she eats them. Okay, everyone.

There will be some craziness in the next episode especially with ropes and chains.

Next Week: 50 Shades of Kankei( there is a vine of this, go find it, it’s hilarious.)




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