Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Ep 3

Being one of the Spring 2018 titles I was looking forward to the most, Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai is quickly turning into a disappointment. Just as I was hoping we can get some actual plot and character development, we are given an entire episode focused on Nyanko Big’s perspective. And as much as I adore the cat, I find the decision to do so to be incredibly frustrating.

The episode started out cute with Nyanko’s narration of how he has been watching over Mitsuyoshi in stead of his parents who have passed, along with his daily observations and standard cat routines. But by the ten minutes mark, I quickly started to lose interest. They spent large majority of the episode using background characters that nobody don’t cares about, to deliver some points in regards to the progress of “falling in love”. I find that rather ironic, because I felt they spent far too little time quietly slipping in incredibly minor development of (at least) Teresa gradually growing feelings towards Mitsuyoshi. If this weren’t twelve episodes, then I wouldn’t be fretting so much about the snail-paced progress. (I do love slow-burn romance after al!) On top of that, I don’t like how for two episodes straight, I feels like the main pair are being neglected actual screen-time that could go to show how their friendship is evolving. Yes, they threw us some breadcrumbs about some of the characters’ backgrounds and relationships, but it just doesn’t cut it for me, I am starving for more interactions between the two.

They are so cute, yet it doesn’t feel like we’re getting enough time at all…

It is also especially aggravating to have these incredibly short scenes of either Teresa being conscious about having an indirect kiss with Mitsuyoshi (having shared a cup). And the whole tease with the two staring in each others eyes, but failed to follow the “8 seconds rule”, Teresa is increasingly becoming more conscious of Mitsuyoshi, where as his feelings are completely unreadable at this point. But perhaps he may simply just turn out to be the incredibly dense type, who will only realize his feelings has been ever-so-quietly blooming overtime at the point Teresa has to return. Truth to be told, I don’t know how I would feel about that kind of development, especially given the current set up for Teresa’s inevitable return to her homeland.

After watching this episode, it is hard to say whether or not I will be continuing this coverage. I suppose it will depend on how next week’s episode turns out, because it will be focusing on Hinako, who might be interesting once we get to know her. I would like to hope things will start looking up, but at this point I can’t help but feel the “main couple” may be shafted for a few more episodes…


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