Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai Episode 2

Teresa and Alex join the Photography Club, and so they kick off the traditional welcome game, “Take a Nice Picture” where they are split into two teams, and the mission is to take a nice picture of the other team. Basically they have to act like paparazzi, chasing them all around the school in hope to get a nice shot. It was quite hilarious and looks like a lot of fun to play. Alex’s secret service-like abilities hard-carried her team, giving them a number of advantages, and even ends up getting the winning shot.

But while the episode didn’t have a whole lot of substance, we did get a little bit of hints in regards to Teresa’s character. As we all already more or less have figured out, Teresa is royalty, or at least up to par to such status. She is used to being the subject of the shots, but is quite sick of it, to the point it feels overbearing and uncomfortable. She was excited to finally be the one behind the camera, and learn how to take nice pictures.

Initially, Alex and Teresa were not going to go enter a club, or at least Alex wanted to avoid such. However she can’t say no when it turns out that would be breaking the school rules. This makes me wonder if Alex actually wanted to (or been instructed to) make sure Teresa doesn’t put herself out there too much, or partake too many social gatherings. It sounds like this trip is merely to please Teresa and fulfill her dream of visiting and experiencing the culture of Japan, before she prepares for the next stage of her life. It is also worth noting, we got a memory board in the making, by the end of it, before she returns to her homeland, that board will surely be filled with lots of pictures.

This week we were introduced three new characters, Sugimoto Hajime (President of the Photography Club), Hasegawa, Hinako and Yamashita Kentarou. Unfortunately they didn’t particularly appeal to me. Hinako has me scratching my head though. I am trying to figure out if I am over-reading that is she is Hina… I think she is… They look alike and she is super flustered when Pin gushes about Hina. Who would have thought she’d be a model! If she is, I wonder if Pin actually secretly knows it’s her. If he doesn’t, the breakthrough will be mind-blowing for him, ahahaha! The two of them have this weird tension between them, but it’s not a bad one. Apparently he is the one who dragged her into joining the club, otherwise it would’ve been disbanded due to the lack of members. But at the same time, they seem to like each other too.

But overall, I found the episode to be incredibly lacklustre. The humour was fine, but nothing really happened this episode in terms of progressing the plot. Much to my surprise Mitsuyoshi had been more or less benched. The ones in the spotlight this week were Alex, Pin and Hinako, and Kentarou so some degree.

Next week I am not sure what is in store, but hopefully it will get the story moving again, with only twelve episodes (now ten) to work with, time will be of the essence!!!!

Extra Note: Also can we take a moment to appreciate Teresa’s shrine for Rainbow Shogun. She is so adorable! (Also the way she uses Shogun to understand things is hilarious!)


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2 Responses

  1. Dario says:

    Pretty sure Hinako is Hina. Not only she flustered when Pin mentions Hina, but also when Kaoru explains the Hina “shrine”. Moreover, Alex also thinks so, it seems.

    Really wanted to have the plot advance in this chapter, but at least they have introduced the cast… except for that blonde-haired man in the opening (and is that Alex admiring him?).

    Hoping we learn not only about photography, but more about the background of Teresa and Alex in the next chapter.

  2. MylaUsagi says:

    Como alguém que estuda fotografia, eu amei a exibição da historia, da câmera e o jogo do paparazzi, foi lindo!! Tive vontade de jogar. E Tada é fofo, quero conhecer ele mais! Tenha mais coisa sobre fotografia!!!

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