Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan Season 2 Episode 14 – The Psykickers are still Kickin’

I feel bad for Saiki because all he wants to do is relax and not be bothered by people, but he still gets bothered anyways. Part of me thinks Saiki would be sad if he wasn’t bothered, but I know he won’t because he is psychic. But anyways the show awaits us!!


The PK Psykicks. Not the name a pro soccer team of psychics, sadly. It’s three that always try to out do each other using their psychic abilites: Mikoto, Tortisuka, and Saiki( okay, Saiki isn’t trying to out do anyone in this situation, he just wants to get out of the situation).

Tortisuka is my favorite character as previously mentioned, but at the same time I wonder why I love characters with such bad traits( I’ll share more characters I love at the end of this post). I just like weird characters with some weird personalities. The reason the Psykicks were brought together today is because Tortisuka is trying to a catch a cute girl’s cat, who apparently seems to hate everyone.

So they start fighting about who has the best powers to find the cat, but Saiki is sick and tired of that and he goes and gets the cat himself.

And then after that Mikoto sees a vision that a train is going to crash and people are going to die, so Saiki and Tortisuka teleport to the top and train and Saiki tells him to get the spirit of a veteran train conductor so they can stop the train from crashing. It worked! And now Tortisuka is getting dragged away by the police.

Then that Teruhashi drawing scene almost made me die. They were so concerned about the way they drew each other. Saiki can draw too well, so he has to “ dumb” down his art and Teruhashi, well, wants to draw Saiki average looking and get his attention. So in the end, Saiki ends up with a blank page and Teruhashi has an average drawing of Saiki, because she ripped the first one( because she doesn’t want anyone to know she likes Saiki).

I’ll let you know, if you like someone, you let everyone in this b*tch know( and you sound really bubbly when you talk about them).

Like my friend is going to prom with this guy( who asked her during break) and the teacher asked how everyone’s break was. And my friend said “ I talked to some new people” and everyone who knew that she talked to that guy said “OOOOO” all at once and I laughed so hard. I got sidetracked, but I had to talk about love.

Saiki’s parents love each other, but they like to make everything a competition and they often use Saiki to facilitate these competitions. Saiki was trying to get out of their real quick when he saw his parents fighting, but he didn’t make it out on time. He really was trying super hard to not make it obvious, but he made it real obvious at the same time.

He had to use a love meter to show how much they loved each other, but the best part of this entire thing that Saiki got the short end of the stick. So they said, if we can’t beat our competition of love, they said lets beat in a competition of love for our son! Saiki’s mom’s love rating didn’t move and Saiki’s father backed out because he knew he couldn’t win. Then do his parents love him at all….I started laughing a little. I’d like to think my parents love me a little, but sometimes they really don’t because they have to do so much for their children and get no reward( pretty much no reward).

Last part. I hate that rich kid as a character, but he really brings comedy to show in a good way. Also, if Saiko’s father really wanted to teach him humility, he would have done this years ago and not before he was all arrogant…but anyways, he learned a little something. He likes ramen. And that is it. And he also learned that peasants live weirder than he thought( but I think he already knew that in his head).

When Nendou says “ You don’t know where your own house is?” I died. And my window was open and the neighbors were outside. Ouch. Also, the rich kid just took a big L.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell y’all what my favorite character from other shows are. From Naruto, it would have to be Jirya or Shikimaru. My favorite character from the TV show Archer would have to be Cyborg Barry, Llona, or Pam. My favorite main character from Riverdale is Jughead and my favorite character nobody gives a crap about is the photographer girl( can’t even remember her name).

And also someone in the forum was talking about who would win in a battle between Goku, Saitama, and Saiki. Who would win??? I don’t know know the extent of Goku’s power, but I know if Saitama punches you one time, you’ll die. If Saiki pulls out his limiters, he could probably kill someone with one punch too and if he uses all the rest of his powers( telepathy, teloporting, etc..). He would technically win, there is no doubt about that. I’ll talk about this more next week.

Oh, yeah, we are halfway through this show by the way! Whoop, whoop!

Next week, baseball. A completely average sport.


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