Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan Season 2 Episode 12 & 13 – The Plot Thickens

That explains a lot. Him turning back time to year ago, so he repeats his second year again. I was wondering why he never goes to next grade. I wondered that 2 years ago and I wondered that when the seniors of his school graduated.

Then he has to make sure a volcano doesn’t erupt. His man has a bunch of weight on his shoulders, but how does he deal with repeating the entire year again and doing everything over? I would not want to starts this year over again because I would have to do the work again and I would have to do annoying things again, but at the same time and won’t do everything that I did wrong again. Ay, that would be a plus. But I wouldn’t be able to do it 4 times, I would cry.

By the way, how does this happen? Da F*ck?

My favorite part from Episode 12 is when Nendou got a haircut and he actually looked attractive to people.

Until he picks his nose. Of, course he would do that.

I love how the other guys were jealous. Why tho??? Kaidou has Yumehara, if he noticed her and Kobeyasu has ???? Does he even have a love interest? I don’t think so.

And the hairdresser…. He was like “really??” If I were a hairdresser, I would definitely tell people a certain style doesn’t look good. I would be like ” This is not a good look for you, please choose another style.”

By the way, having a butt chin is not attractive. People say it is, but on a good 80% who have it, it is pretty ugly. Just saying.

Then there was whole hamster incident. He just comes to school with Nendou and he just causes issues.

Then they get stuck in that storage room and Saiki unlocks the door, but they try to get the hamster to get the key, but he gets caught.

Shine, my a$$.

Then the gym teacher yells at them when he opens the closet. Ouch. Don’t bring a hamster to school kids.

And the biggest shocker of the day the hamster is a girl. Everyone thought she was a guy. Even was like “What?”

In the second episode where Mera is working a bunch of jobs, so she can go visit her father in Puerto Rico. I felt kinda sad for Mera because her father just disappeared and no one has heard from him.

But Mikoto is there to save the day, but Saiki is like hell no. Saiki is trying to get out of that mess so badly, but he is wearing his school’s uniform and Mera’s father approaches him and tries to get him to tell him information about Mera. Saiki is done helping people, for now. But actually, he wants to kill himself in Japan, so he can leave his family a little bit of money from life insurance.

Meanwhile, Mikoto helps Mera locate where her father is now and she finds out he is Japan. And they run around looking, Mikoto sees him and they confront him.

Saiki is walking in a tunnel at night, and the debt collectors who are looking for Mera’s dad try to take him. But the messed with the wrong dude, at the wrong time.

“ At this moment, they realized they f*cked up.”

Okay, there are making fun of something…

Then the last thing I want to talk about is that poor manga artist.

Man, Saiki’s dad is terrible editor. He needs to stop. And also in general, the author of Saiki just made fun of half of industry, to be honest. He made fun of characters having catch phrases, he made fun of terrible story writing and he made fun of people just making girl’s boobs bigger for fanservice reasons to get more readers. What a winning combo. Fatality!

The author not compromising over the boobs’ size. I almost died.

And the dad taking credit for the success of manga, even though he is one who made it tank. Head shakes.

I almost forgot about a few moments.

The “normal” kid thinking Saiki was weird:

“How could this happen to me, I made my mistakes..”

Mikoto hiding behind that buliding and she got noticed:

Teruhashi ruining them seeing the cherry blossoms because there is a giant crowd around them:

And the new OP. So energetic! Who is this dude? We’ll see later. I think he may be Saiki’s rival or something.

Overall, these 2 episodes were pretty good, I enjoyed watching them. I’m still far behind in the manga and my senior year of high school is almost over by the way( I’m not staying there 4 times in a row).


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