Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan S2 Ep 1: I want to be normal! And Ouch.




Saiki strives to be a normal guy, but he is seriously anything but. He has pink hair, the clips and those sports glasses. If he wanted to be more normal, he would dye his hair black, but I remember in the first season, he said something about his hair being accepting or something. Do I feel like watching the first season again, right now? Nope.

Saiki sees a seeming normal guy and he starts following him and envying his life, which is pretty funny by the way. I kind of agree, though. If I could read minds all the time, I would go mind. Sometimes it’s nice to not see what people think of you. I’m glad. I’m with you Saiki.

And my boy Toritsuka was in this episode. Even though he is second most hated after that other guy with green hair, I like him. The thing I like about Toritsuka is that he can be a good guy sometimes, but he is a f**k boi.

My favorite part of the show was when the brother dropped a waterfall over Teruhashi. Not literally, but he roasted her. Oh, never mind, he smelted her. He has no psychic powers, but he got her on point.

Then he had to run away from Teruhashi fans because she used Angel Tears. The brother is always running away from something because he always does something wrong.

The dad, though. He was making everything worse with the fake sister business. I was trying not to die over there. “ Where does she study?’ In Paraguay. Of any place to study, he picks Paraguay..

The judo match had me dying. I feel you Saiki, it’s always an awkward moment when you get paired up with the teacher. It is so awkward.

Saiki flipped the gym teacher, so then he got paired with Hairo, who is a black belt and he had to pretend to lose to get attention off himself. At first, he pretended to be weak and pretended to cry( I almost died at the crying part) and then he got kinda serious and controlled Hairo’s body and made him win.

That worked well in the end after Nendou beat Hairo.

Apparently, the future of Japanese judo rides on anyone. Anyone who can win!

Nendou gets a supposed love letter from a freshman and everyone is making faces because Nendou is ugly AF. The faces just reminded me of Great Teacher Onizuka( if you haven’t watched GTO, you have to go watch it now, it’s a gem).  Please watch it. You’ll love it if you love this show.

Everyone is like why are you lying:

The girl doesn’t really like him, she just wants to recruit him to the baseball team. RIP. GTO faces for all. Those are legendary.

This was in the first chapter of the manga, a version of this. Nendou was asked to help the baseball team, but I think he was bad at baseball, so Saiki helped him or something of the other. I don’t remember that well because now I’m on volume 5 of the manga.

That cousin needs to stop. Everyone knows that cousin.

And Nendou reminds me of me. No one ever likes me romantically and when someone does even a little, I ruin it. And my friend be like “ He likes you?” And be making faces like that.

Then that whole romance novel detective thing. Saiki-kun is reading a detective novel series from 20 years ago, so he won’t hear spoilers. Ironically, for me, spoilers make me want to read/watch something more because I want to know exactly what happened. If someone is like:

Spoiler Guy: [insert main character of any popular novel] died in the last book/episode.

Me: How tho?( goes and watching show)

That’s the only reason I watched Deathnote. I got real bored in the middle of the show. Someone said a certain main character was dying and I was like “ I need to watch this show immediately”.

So Saiki touched the book after he ripped his gloves and he saw a glimpse of the people who read the book in the past. I just loved how the story of the people who read the book was like a shoujo manga like thing. I feel like it could have happened in a drama.

Basically, they fall in love while reading the same book in the library and then become lovers.

This scene, that bothered me for little, but I was dying.

Then there is this guy who claims the girl is his finacee. And him and guy have a brawl, but except they both like the detective book and they use the books as chest plates.

And come on! This guy has the frickin book in his pants. I wouldn’t like to know that, but I started laughing. As long as it isn’t me touching that book, I’ll be all set.

Then we figure out the guy who borrowed the book in high school works in the library and Saiki thinks he won the fight. He could have, but Saiki can only see glimpses of the story. I’d like to think he did too.

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