Nil Admirari no Tenbin Episode 4

Things certainly slowly down significantly this week with the arrival of Ukai Shougo moving into Fukurou’s residence. When he was first introduced, I thought of him to be the first prick who acts like a spoiled teenage brats in his rebellious phase. He has an awful mouth and insulted the living daylights out of Tsumugi enough to piss her off. But after accidentally walking into the woman’s bath while she’s changing was enough to get him to change his attitude, by apologizing and proceeding to act as a tsundere from that point on. He was hardly a good escort either, leaving Tsumugi stranded on her own, but I guess we have to thank him for it since it gave her the opportunity to witness an important encounter. But even after that, it wasn’t enough to make me like him, let alone grow much of an interest in him, though I’d be lying if I said he didn’t amuse me to some extent.

With the help of Shougo receiving an invitation to attend a party at Nachtigal, Tsumugi has been assigned to go with him as his date to quietly investigate. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least how nothing actually happened per say at the event, but Tsumugi was able to pick up some crucial clues by catching sight of both Sasagoi and the white-haired dude. Sasagoi as expected is dodgy to begin with, but we learn Mozuyama has a lot of shady rumours about him. There is also Owase, though I think Tsumugi had neglected to mention him, but he had the audacity to deliberately openly mock and criticize the prime minister, in front of Shougo no less.

Although this episode was incredibly uneventful, there were a couple of valuable points brought to our attention. And they are brought up thanks to the likes of Yoshikiri, a journalist for the Imperial Newspaper and Kuina who are quick to gather information. For starters there have been many deaths potentially related to the cursed tomes, but have been covered up by the families or police. The most recent high profile Kamoike Eisaku, a member of the House of Representatives, said to have jumped to and a Japanese book was found beside his body. The most alarming clue however is how he was said to have been returning from Nachtigal.

Nachtigal, is said to be the the suspected location of the Karasu’s den, and their cursed tome are supposedly being sold at their black auctions. The reason why they can’t go in to arrest them is because the one who runs the place is a powerful businessman Shiginuma Takashi, who has enough political ties and resources to destroy evidence that works against him. In fact, by styling himself with a crow cane, and feather is enough to flaunt his power. While undercover, Tsumugi briefly met with Takashi and his wife Shouko, and smelled of roses (whether she is referring to a perfume or something else, regardless it is bound to play a role later).

Next week it Shizuru will be in the spotlight, it looks like he might be framed for making cursed tomes, especially with the flower in the mouth signature. Hopefully it will liven things up again because this episode was rather boring.

In other news: It’s official I’m addicted to OP Song, it’s super catchy, I love the tune.


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3 Responses

  1. zztop says:

    This episode is largely setup to introduce Shougo (the final in-game bachelor) and the potential villians for the series (aka the people at Nachtigal). I’m sure things will pick up soon.

    Reviews indicate Shougo (and Shizuru)’s routes are the most disconnected from the main plot. Unless you play his route, Shougo apparently doesn’t appear much in other routes because he’s largely keeping to himself.
    Apparently Shougo’s meant to be a tsundere, although you see more of his tsun side here (bordering on spoiled jerk).

    Owase insulting Shougo has some historical basis – in late 1920s Japan, Army people like Owase didn’t get along with the governing politicians. The democratically elected Taisho politicians preached liberal pacifism, which the Army saw as weak and inefficient. They instead believed national militarism as key to Japan’s future.

    (Sadly in RL, domestic unrest led to the Army controlling the government by the 1930s. Which led to Japan’s increasing militarist stance and involvement in WW2 – I’m sure you know how that ended for them. So Owase’s barbs are quite dangerous as seen from historical hindsight.)

    • zztop says:

      PS. A Western equivalent would be an official from the newly formed Nazi Party brazenly insulting the reigning politicians that they’re useless and that only the Nazis can bring Germany to greatness. I’m sure you also know how that ended for them too.

    • Eva says:

      There gotta be at least one spoiled jerk amrite? Even if he’s a tsundere.

      Interesting, so that pretty much explains why the episode was rather uneventful, but otherwise still has its values by further establishing the villains. I suppose this may mean Shizuru’s may also have a slow episode, but as you said, things will certainly pick up in due time, and I look forward to it!

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