Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu Episode 15 [A Blood-curdling Confession!]

Personally, I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Escanor after his fantastic introduction. However, how can I stay mad when we finally get to see Diane again after all this time? It was definitely really nice to get to see her and see how she’s doing after several episodes of absence. I was beginning to feel like the series was forgetting her at times. A lot of things are happening all at once and it may feel a little overwhelming, but I feel like this episode handled it well and I felt engaged with everything.

Matrona is teaching Diane to dance and we get to find out a bit of what happened to Matrona after she supposedly died when Diane was branded as the Sin of Envy. I just love the chain of events that basically saved Matrona’s life. How it was actually Diane that ultimately saved her by having mercy on some of those savages back in her flashback, who she threw into the lake instead of killing them. And because of that, one of the savages that was spared came to help Matrona when she was dying of poison. Not only that, Diane also saved Zalpa’s kids. If she had killed him when she was supposed to, those two adorable children would have been orphaned. Diane’s kindness literally saved not one, but FOUR people. That’s a pretty big accomplishment if you ask me. It was also her kindness that ultimately changed Matrona for the better. With the series of events, Matrona was actually able to see how far Diane’s kindness had gone and the good that came from it.

It’s also really adorable to see how pleasant Diane and Matrona’s relationship have become and they’re actually finally seeing eye-to-eye. I think Matrona being in a family overall is really sweet, especially with how caring she is towards the two children who are already calling her “mother.”

However, with the Ten Commandments on the loose, things can’t stay happy. Especially when a demon flies over and spreads flyers of a tournament that is offering one wish for the winner, catching the eyes of many, including Meliodas and company. This part was pretty silly and cute, especially when Gilthunder just really wants to enter with Meliodas. Such a fanboy~ The two behind the tournament turn out to be the blue giant and pink haired guy (I’m not sure if his name was dropped yet so I guess I’ll call him pink hair). And boy does he drop a couple large facts being he and Meliodas are friends and the name of the giant, Drole who Matrona prayed to, which was a pretty shocking moment and well executed.

But man, it was a breath of fresh air to see Diane genuinely happy considering her life has just been pain and suffering for the longest time this season. Seeing her giggling and dancing with the biggest smile on her face just warmed my heart. Now if only she could get her memories back… And of course things go from happy to terrible at a drop of a hat when Matrona’s kids get attacked by one of the messenger demons. And boy did Matrona just go complete MAMA BEAR on that demon because its top half was completely gone. My heart had to go out to Matrona with how worried and pained to see her children in pain, blaming herself for leaving them alone. It also shows how much her new family means to her by risking a trap in the demon run tournament to save them. Matrona has come so far from being a completely battle-hungry warrior to a loving and caring mother.

So we come back to how Fraudrin was kidnapped by the Pleiades of the Azure Sky and we finally get to meet the leader, not to mention the younger brother of the king, Denzel. We get some silly banter between Arden and Deldry, which makes me ship them more. Though it’s always really weird to see Waillo just constantly ask Deldry to marry him. Especially after I looked up their ages with Waillo being 39 and Deldry only 23. Quite… the age difference there. Moving on…

The fight between Fraudrin and Denzel was pretty exciting. Especially since we haven’t really seen a good sword fight in this series for a while. But Denzel’s ability that has the person’s he’s stamped be haunted by the spirits of the people they’ve killed is really interesting and also very terrifying. Though I had to chuckle at how somewhat sassy Denzel is. When Fraudrin tried to hit him with his attack, but he just stood there, cracked his neck and then moved before the attack hit the spot where he stood. Turns out it was Deathpierce’s ability that delays attacks. I wasn’t a big fan of him when he first appeared and this episode essentially cemented the fact of my dislike for this guy. But I’ll get into that a little later.

When Dogedo showed up to “relieve them of their post” I was immediately suspicious. Especially when he told them to hand over the incantation orb. And lo and behold, it really wasn’t Dogedo and instead was the other Ten Commandment, Grayroad. I’m starting to really like Denzel, especially since he was immediately aware that they wouldn’t be able to kill Fraudrin in Grayroad’s presence. And this is also where my respect for Deathpierce dropped significantly. He’s so arrogant and confident in his abilities, believing his power would hold off two of the Ten Commandments. Thankfully Denzel was there to talk him down before things became ten times worse. This man has a good head on his shoulders as he was able to deduce how Grayroad’s commandment could activate just by the name. And while I’m supposed to be rooting for Fraudrin’s defeat, seeing him put Deathpierce in his place with his words and intimidating aura  was somewhat satisfying. Though that feeling immediately wore off when he went and stabbed Deldry. I was just starting to like her, how dare you Fraudrin!

There were so many big plot twists dropped in this episode, but the biggest one had to be the reveal of Gowther being a Commandment. Though I think it’s too early to completely take Fraudrin’s comment as complete truth, especially since we don’t have the complete picture. (Not to mention that big hint in the opening…) Can’t wait for next week, especially since Diane may finally reunite with everyone.

Gowther what even are you?


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  1. V. says:

    I don’t know how to do this spoiler alert thing but: The other Commandment (long pink-haired guy’s identity)


    His name is Gloxinia, the first fairy king and Harlequin’s predecessor. He is also the older brother of Gerheade, the fairy who tried to make Ban become the new Fountain of Youth some episodes ago.

    As for Gowther’s spoiler, that’s a secret I’m not going to reveal.

    • Eva says:

      How to Create Spoiler Tags are located on the Left Side Bar. I have updated the instructions as well, so please let me know (if you have tried using it before) if is it now easier to understand!

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