Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu Episode 13 [Farewell, My Beloved Thief]

Whew, so the series took a break for a week, probably waiting for the new spring season and MAN, I am SO HYPED for that new opening. Not for the reason people would expect, like the song. I’m a little disappointed that they already showed Escanor in the opening instead of hiding him until he was properly introduced, but whatever, he’s showing up in the next episode. But what really has me excited is the blurred out figure behind Gowther in that one panel. If it means what I think it does… then a certain scene HAS TO HAPPEN AND I AM SO HAPPY AND EXCITED FOR IT. You’ll definitely know what I mean when it happens…hopefully.  Anyways, on to the episode~

As someone who love Jericho, I am really annoyed by how laxidazy Ban acts when Elaine hits her the first time. Like COME ON, your friend is getting attacked by your girlfriend, BE A BIT MORE SERIOUS PLEASE. And while he does stop Elaine from attacking her, he’s still missing the point that SOMETHING IS WRONG AND HE NEEDS TO ACT IMMEDIATELY. And while I don’t like the Ban x Elaine ship, I couldn’t dislike Elaine here because she’s obviously not herself. Considering she blasted all of her friends in the Fairy Forest prior to this. She also loses it and attacks Ban several times.

But I have to say THANK GOODNESS for Jericho. This episode was probably what made me love her even more. The fact that she confronts Elaine, going as far to pin her down so that she can attempt to talk some sense into her without hurting her. While I don’t quite believe Jericho is in love with Ban (I believe infatuated is the correct word), I appreciate how Jericho recognizes how much Ban loves Elaine and admits that she’s aware she’ll probably never be on his radar. She even starts crying because of how much the truth hurts her. But instead of avoiding it, she takes it head on in a desperate attempt to talk Elaine down. And while it took Ban to finally snap her out of her rage, Jericho definitely played a big part and was definitely the MVP of this episode. Especially since she literally started carrying both Ban AND Elaine on her back so that the demons wouldn’t catch up to them. Stands and applauds Jericho deserves all the respect she deserves after this episode… until next week where she’ll freaking deserve the world after what she does. (But poor Jericho, she hit the ground so many times this episode…)

Taking a step back for a moment, can we just appreciate when Ban was thinking back to the people closest to him? Elaine, Meliodas and Zhivago were a given, but when I saw King and Jericho in his thoughts… that made me so happy. Despite how he treats them, they’ve still managed to wiggle into his heart with how they’ve looked after him. Hawk was also a cute little bonus~

This man deserves so much T^T

But man… DOES ZHIVAGO NEVER STOP HITTING US WITH FEELS?!?! Even in death, he STILL sacrifices everything for his sons… even going as far to sacrifice his soul and a reunion with his actual son to save Ban. Zhivago… you are the best dad ANYONE could have asked for and you will be severely missed. (He can’t even rest in peace anymore…I just can’t T^T) I honestly didn’t expect for Zhivago to continue hurling feels at me so now I’m just a wreck. Not to mention Ban calling Zhivago “dad” for the first time while in tears KILLED ME. So many tears…

That last part was hilarious though. While it was a little weird how Deldry kissed Fraudrin in Drefus’ body, her Love Drive ability made for a pretty funny scene with Fraudrin exclaiming how much he loved her despite himself. Deldry and Arden’s bickering was pretty great as well. They’ll make a fine couple in the future~ (At least I’d ship it lol) After the run in with the Pleiades of the Azure Sky in the first episode of the new season, it was interesting to see more of them in action. I usually don’t like meeting new characters when the cast is already so big. But for some reason, all the characters in this series have all been pretty interesting and I find it interesting to see what their special abilities are.

Overall, while it was a Ban and Elaine centered episode, I did enjoy it. It gave me Zhivago feels and it gave me Jericho feels. Too many feels I didn’t expect from this episode. But can I hear the HYPE for finally meeting Escanor next episode?!


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