Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu Episode 12 [Where Love is Found]

What even was this episode…? The pacing in this episode felt weird. It was a lot faster paced than needed as it seemed like they wanted to cram as many plot points in as possible. Coming off from two very well paced episodes with a lot of emotional baggage was probably why it felt so strange. I can understand why they want to get through all the minor details since anime generally doesn’t get as much stretching space as manga does. From what I hear, the first season glossed over and even skipped out on some important details for foreshadowing. So they might be trying to compensate this season by fitting in as much build up for future events as they can. Unfortunately, it feels like they just didn’t have the right amount of breathing room for them to actually mean something rather than something to ponder on.

The Ten Commandments are now on the move and there was quite a bit of time dedicated to where they’ve all split up to. A part of me feels like it might have been better to have made where they wandered off to a surprise, but I don’t necessarily see a big problem with how they set it up. Also, SCREW YOU ESTAROSSA. That bird didn’t deserve what you did to it!

Now, there were a couple of things… scratch that, a few things that happened which raised so many questions. One being WHY does Hawk look like the dragon that he apparently ate? The fact that he ate through the dragon’s stomach is also a bit concerning. Another bit of foreshadowing of what Hawk could truly be? Maybe. Everything related to Hawk just doesn’t make sense and he is probably one of the biggest mysteries that have been poked at but never fully addressed. Though I have to admit that I was laughing really hard whenever someone looked at him but then immediately looked away and started talking about something else. (Not to mention Oslo being absolutely ADORABLE by calling Hawk “big bro”) My other questions would have to be why the heck did Griamore turn into a child and what is with that cat blob thing that is stuck to Arthur’s head???

Everyone seems to have passed their respective tests… except for Elizabeth. Though apparently it’s revealed that her test was rigged in the beginning by Zaneli as she never put the seed in the cup. While I don’t care for either Meliodas x Zaneli or Meliodas x Elizabeth ship, I actually felt so irritated and even angry by how tactless Meliodas is. It’s clear that Zaneli has strong feelings for Meliodas but because he doesn’t feel the same way, he just coldly ignores her. But what ticked me off the most was just how he completely disregarded Zeneli by groping and hugging Elizabeth in front of her. It just felt so cruel. Especially how Zaneli was trying to express her feelings but he turned around and started comforting Elizabeth, completely ignoring her. That part INFURIATED me. We also learn that Elizabeth is actually Liz’s reincarnation. Honestly, I don’t know how to feel about Meliodas’ feelings in that regard. Does he only care for Elizabeth because of herself or just because she is Liz’s reincarnation. (I actually understand it but I won’t spoil. It doesn’t make the ship any better in my eyes though)

Meliodas proceeds to grope her obnoxiously… again. For crying out loud, I was feeling sorry for you in the previous episode, don’t make me take those feelings back! It doesn’t make it any better that Elizabeth seems to enjoy it, judging from all the giggling she was doing. Sigh… That ship dynamic will never be my cup of tea, but whatever, I’ve complained and ranted about this ship enough, moving on. Gilthunder and Howzer seemed to have made some good progress in their combat ability, having jumped nearly 1000 more in power. But they definitely couldn’t compare to Meliodas jumping nearly 30,000 stages in power! How are the other Sins going to even get to match that? Though what blows my mind is that despite the jump in power, Meliodas still claims that the sin of pride, Escanor is even stronger than him. The hype for Escanor steadily grows…

The zombie apocalypse is here with Melascula taking the souls caught in purgatory with their strong feelings of regret and sending them back to their dead bodies. Her commandment is also pretty terrifying. By showing faithlessness in something they hold dear, their eyes will burn out. Certainly not pleasant. However, this also causes Elaine to come back to life, much to all of the fairies’ shock. Due to the nature of how she was revived, Elaine is definitely not herself. Going as far to even attack the other fairies because they interacted with Ban. I can’t completely blame her considering her soul has been tainted, but still.

I appreciate how protective Ban is of Jericho as he pulled her out of the way of danger TWICE in the span of two minutes. He probably won’t admit it, but I do believe he has a soft spot for Jericho. Not of the romantic kind, but he does care about her wellbeing. As he explained in the previous episode that she’s the only human he ever got along with. Also can I just point out how hilarious it is that the zombie struck Ban through the chest and through the hole in the back of his jacket. (No wonder Diane and King got that jacket for him. They knew he’s always getting stabbed XD) What a considerate zombie.

And then we get the big Ban x Elaine reunion. While it seems happy and heartwarming, it’s bound to turn sour considering Elaine has shown yandere signs possessiveness towards Ban. Which paints a huge target on Jericho’s back considering it’s just been the two of them for a while and she has exhibited some obvious signs of attraction towards Ban. RUN GIRL, RUN!

Also, I wonder who this man could be~


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