My Hero Academia s3- Episode 4 [My Hero]

YES, THIS. THIS IS THE KIND OF EPISODE WE ALL DREAM ABOUT. Pure raw emotion, amazing fight scenes, beautiful animation!

So, at the end of the last episode the villains attacked the training camp. Setting a poisonous fire to the forest and begin attacking the students and pro-heroes alike. The extra lessons group receives word about the attack via telepathy and Aizawa runs out of the building to enter the fighting frey. Dabi quickly intercepts him and takes him out. Which is unfortunate, I’m hoping he’ll get up and enter the fight later on. I get that the villains would try to zone out the pro’s so they can take care of the kids more easily. Still, I don’t enjoy seeing powerful characters taken out in such an easy way to create a sense of suspense. In the USJ arc, Aizawa fought until he was almost dead and severely strained his quirk to protect these kids. I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him for this arc either.

We spare a few moments of the episode to the kids in the forest, some of class B that has teamed up with Yaoyorozu to get gas masks that she was making with her quirk. One member of the class states that he is going back to fight the villains, that class A who got into the school going through the same test. Taking the same exams as them, should not be so special or far ahead. Clearly, the one thing that they have over class B is their experience on the field and by that I mean the fight at the USJ.
This will be important next episode, but this episode, let’s talk about what’s really important!

Midoriya’s fight against the villain that killed Kota’s parents! Whoa boy, was I way off base for the intentions of the villain watching Kota. They weren’t even aware he was there, he wasn’t included in the list of people who would be attending the camp. So the idea that they wanted to recruit him was pretty far off base.It seems like this guys only goal in life is to kill, kill, move, use his quirk. He doesn’t care about the goals of the league of villains, so long as he can kill people.
Midoriya runs off as predicted to gather Kota and comes face to face with this villain.

Midoriya, being Midoriya. Claims that he will save Kota, no matter what. This fight is amazing, the raw emotion I felt when Midoriya was being pinned down by a pure ball of muscles. As he apologized to his mother in his head, as he thought of All Might. As he embraced the idea that he might die in his duty as a hero. As he takes advantage of the one moment of weakness that the villain shows. Everything about this is just pure amazing and I felt like a child deep inside rooting for Midoriya and quietly screaming “Yes.” as he pulled into the power of One for All and pressed it beyond. Straight beyond to Plus Ultra levels! Using his broken arm to keep going and punching the villain.

IT’S AMAZING. Like I said last week, this is exactly the kind of stuff i’m in this series for! Badass fights!

Next week we’ll have more fights with the other characters. This week was just Midoriya being all kinds of a badass and that’s fine by me.


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