Magirl Girl Ore – Episode 3 [Flashback]

“Midnight failed to understand, but she nodded Nevertheless.”

And so we get to the third episode of Magical Girl Ore and once again, all I can do is tilt my head slightly to the side and question. “What did I just watch?”
At the end of the last episode Sakuyo transformed into a magical ‘girl’ to save Saki from the demon ursula hentai monster by declaring her love for Saki loudly. Saki questions what kind of love this is, like, “Best friend” love, “Love at first sight when I saw you as a dude” Love and Sakuyo just goes “Nope, loved you all along. Sexually.” leaving absolutely no room for question.

This leads into a flashback from when they were kids that takes up the entire first part of the episode. How Saki would always look to Sakuyo’s brother when he sang with such adoration that Sakuyo wanted to begin learning how to sing. Saki catches her right away and they start practicing together. One day when practicing, they get lost in the woods together and tumble down a cliff, injuring Saki slightly. Eventually, Mohiro finds them and leads them back home with the help of the forest animals and his voice.
Between being captured by demons every episode and this, I am entirely convinced that Mohiro is a disney princess.

Back in the present day, Sakuyo finishes off the Monster with gusto and then advances on Saki in a rather uncomfortable scene. I’m not sure how I can express this, the implication that Sakuyo would do anything to Saki that Saki didn’t want isn’t funny. It’s not cute, it’s just awkward and gross and I hate it. Thank god we aren’t left on that scene for long, as their manager is there and ready to sell the boys as a Magical Girl idol unit.

They go home and their manager does arrange this for them. As Saki sees on the television soon after. Meanwhile, Sakuyo declares her intentions to be her brothers rival. Though he doesn’t understand what she means.
Also, another entirely slightly awkward scene is her trying to calculate boob size to ‘the lower protrusion on the male body’. These are not thoughts I need at all!

We see a mysterious figure riding on a bike. They are holding a news paper and reading about the magical girls debut. They crumple the paper and curse magical girls, and that’s our general set up for the next episode. The preview tells us that the mysterious figure we just saw is an android.

The episode ends with the two girls going into the bathroom to transform and coming out to present themselves on television as the Magical Girl Idol unit.

Overall, I feel like because of the first half of the episode was taken up by a flashback that not a lot happened in this episode and it’s still greatly setting up for the rest of the series. Magical Girl Ore has had a slow start and I am rather nervous for how I am going to feel about future episodes. I’ll stick with it for now, I am pretty interested in this android creature [I hope it’s not a one off appearance] and the designs they’ve released of some of the anime only magical girls.

I wonder if reading the manga would help me appreciate this more? Less? Is the whole entire overuse of the stylized faces an anime thing or does the manga do that too?  So far, Magical Girl Ore has used confusion…It’s super effective.


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