Magical Girl Site -episode 4

This episode is quick to pick up where the last one left off, with Sarina meeting with Nana in the hospital room. Nana asks Sarina if she would like to become a magical girl and take Rina’s place as the magical girl hunter and getting a bunch of sticks before Tempest arrives.
The show once again parallels Madoka in the most chilling utterance of “Become a magical girl.” since Kyubey. Nana gives Sarina her magic stick, that looks like a Yoyo and leaves the girl to it. To take out other magical girls and gain sticks before tempest, but also to exact her revenge on Aya and Yatsumura for the death of her friend and the ugly scar on her neck.

Meanwhile, we get some backstory on why Aya was being bullied so viciously at school in the first place. Back when she first transferred into the class, she was very shy and soft spoken. Very much like she is now, perhaps even worse. Sarina spoke up three times to get her out of uncomfortable situations, this would be considered nice if it wasn’t painfully obvious that she was doing it to gain popularity and friends. Sarina and her cronies corner Aya and demand that she think Sarina for what she was doing, but Aya was unable to speak up and so they began bullying her relentlessly from that day onwards.
Aya proceeds to say it was all her fault for not being able to communicate and that she deserves the bullying and rightuflly, Yatsumura flicks her on the forehead. Because no, it wasn’t her fault. It was Sarina’s fault for being nice while expecting something in return. It’s Sarina’s fault for being such a false and horrible person. Blaming it her herself is stupid, you are not owed anything in this world. Not even a thank you! Is it polite to thank someone who helps you? Yes. Absolutely it’s the polite thing to do. Forcing someone to say thank you, when they are obviously shy and hurting? That’s not cool at all.


Yatsumura and Aya part ways and we see Yatsumura collapse as she gets home and cough up blood. She’s obviously suffering from using her magical stick too much. Meanwhile, Aya comes to school to the news that Nijimi has quit show business.
She is also the new transfer student in their class. I can’t help but laugh at the way that even the teacher is freaked out by the fact they have an idol transferring into their class. Nijimi of course notices Aya right away and calls her out in class and embaresses her.Nijimi quit show business so she could find her friends killer, ca’t very well search when you’re swamped with work all of the time.Sarina overhears this and begins working out a plan to approach Nijimi, which she does after school and shows her a picture of the very person she is looking to get revenge on.

Aya worried that Yatsumura wasn’t in class, goes to the teacher to get the print outs to deliver to her friend. A good cover up and reason on why you would go out of your way to check up on your friend. The teacher comments that Aya has changed and she seems rather happy. She goes over to Yatsumura’s house, of course, Yatsumura is collapsed. So she can’t very well answer the door, so Aya lets herself in. She finds her friend on the floor but alive…and a man chained up.


Well, naturally Aya asks about him. We get some brief backstory about how Yatsumura’s life was before. A happy, good family that was brutally torn apart by this man. She was only left alive because he thought she would be cute when she got older. Disgusting pig. Alone and terrified, she found the magical girl site and got her magic stick and the flashback cuts off here.
I feel as if we’ll get into more of the backstory here in the next episode.

That’s what’s going on with the girls. What about Aya’s brother though? Without his favorite punching bag, how is he doing? Well, his grades are dropping and his father is now hitting him. You see, i’d probably feel bad for you maybe. If you didn’t have a god complex and think that everyone around you was scum. Yeah, it’s horrible that your parents hold you up on this pedestal. It’s horrible that their father is trying to force this kind of thing. Is anyone in Aya’s life a genuinely good person? Did she just pull the unlucky stick in life?

Any which way, we have a lot of loose plot threads moving on into the next episode. We still need to remember that Aya’s brother knows about the Magical Girl Site, even if he doesn’t know what it is.We have Sarina out to exact her revenge, Nijimi out to exact her revenge and Nana doing…god knows what.We’ll see how things pan out next episode.


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3 Responses

  1. curehibiki says:

    I found it so weird that Aya got bullied just because she couldn’t say “thank you”. I agree Sarina was nasty for expecting something in return but at the same time… if someone is trying to help you, even if you’re shy, wouldn’t it really easy to say “thank you”? I get you’re probably thinking, ‘lol no it isn’t, you’re probs not shy so you can’t relate, curehibiki.’ Well I am actually shy. I myself got bullied during primary school but not because I couldn’t say “thank you”, mostly because I was shy, quiet and a very fun target to push around. Still struggling to stand up for myself till this day in real life. Anyway, Aya seems to be like me: an easy target to bully but er… I just… yeah I was pretty soft spoken as well but…I could say “thank you”. Not hard, that’s all you have to say and then you don’t have to speak ever again. I don’t know, it doesn’t help that the second Tsuyuno helps Aya, Aya can suddenly be grateful and express those emotions. Granted Tsuyono doesn’t look like much of a bitch but still… I’m confused about Aya and her actions… why can’t she say thanks to someone but easily say it someone else and befriend them. Makes no sense for me.

    I am am fearing for Rina’s life… Nijimin is best girl but I don’t want best girl to kill Rina, especially when Tsuyono and Aya need information about Tempest. Oh talking about killing… haha…Sarina…oh Jesus let the games begin. Aya better start saying “thank you” ten times over otherwise “OFF WITH HER HEAD” unless Sarina won’t even take the gratitude for that she did in the past otherwise there goes Aya’s head still. To be honest, if it isn’t Aya’s head who gets targeted with Sarina’s deadly head chopping Yo-Yo, then I bet its some other magical girl (please no Nijimin, anyone but Nijimin, Aya or Tsuyono XD).

    • MidnightDevont says:

      I think the reason it’s different with Tsuyono is A. it’s been a while, when you’re new to a class you’re more likely to be shy then when you’ve been there for a while. Also B. I feel like Aya could sense how sake Sarina was being and was more intimidated by her because of that. That’s just my theories on it anyway.

      As for Rina, i’m with you. I’m scared what Nijimi is gonna do with her. Hopefully she doesn’t end up killing her. I’ll cross my fingers. Above Nijimi and Sarina, i’m still scared of Aya’s brother lowkey. I feel like there is a reason they are focusing on him so much…He’s the real wild card in this series.

      • curehibiki says:

        Haha fair enough. Hopefully we find out more.

        OMG, I forgot about Aya’s brother. To be honest, I have a love / hate relationship with his character. Love him in those episode previews, but in the actual episodes, I hate his guts XD I definitely think he’s up to something…and whatever he does… I hope it doesn’t involve hurting any of the girls, except Sarina… he can hurt her XD However in the episode preview for the next episode, he complains about idols… what if that foreshadowing that he is gonna attack Nijimin? ;-;

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