Hisone to Masotan – Episode 2

Another wonderful episode this week! This have advanced a little for Hisone and now she and the OTF are getting some flight practice, but it seems she’s not doing very well and that affects her confidence. The episode focuses a bit more on Nao this time around, too and we get to meet a new character who is in charge of designing the flight special suits. I must say that the voice actor they chose for Ikushima is positively spot on, Suwabe always sounds like he’s about to commit some sekuhara.

Boy is there a lot of that this episode too, although it’s obvious they’re playing it just for laughs, so it didn’t bother me. The dragon barf is closer to the kind of thing that would offend me, but it’s all drawn so differently, that I can put my distaste aside.

The yogurt lady is so charming and I like her role in the show as a sort of ‘spiritual’ guide to Hisone that gives her kinda useless advice that Hisone turns into these huge ‘a-ha!’ moments, like when she thought about giving the yogurt to Nao. The new guy is a blast to see at work, the suit designs are insane at times and borderline inappropriate all he time, but Nao worships the guy and that’s intriguing, I’m hoping he’ll do more in the future than just be comedic relief.

Like I mentioned before, the highlight of this episode is Nao. It was quite cool to find out her mother had also been involved with this line of work. A part of me suspects that Kakiyasu may have been Nao’s mother’s junior, but I suppose time will tell. It definitely is a lot of pressure to leave up to the expectations they have of Nao and it really seems like she wanted to fulfill them and she worked hard for that goal, but now Hisone has come and ruined her chances, or so she thinks.

I found it absolutely hilarious that Nao’s pranks to sabotage Hisone were perceived by Hisone as Nao’s way of looking after her. It was a bit pitiful that they backfired on her though and that events escalated until she had to run away, but it was indeed all necessary for the situation to develop in the way it had to. Now there’s officially two pilots since Masotan let Nao pilot! Exciting stuff for sure.

The other grand event from the episode was Hisone finding out Masotan’s name and us viewers finding out that the name has a bigger significance within their world that hopefully will be explored soon enough.

The music was very nice this time around too, very noticeable when Hisone and Masotan soar. I listened to the ending this time around and was pleasantly surprised by the french. It’s not often that you have anime songs in foreign languages!

Anyway, this is a show that I don’t think about with hype and excitement of ‘I want the next ep here now!!’, but it’s a strong contender, something with a lot of potential that might become a great show and something to recommend and fangirl about later on. I’ll enjoy the ride while I find that out.



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