High School DxD S4 Episode 1 – Right Where They Left Off [First Impression]

It’s back!!! The show I’ve been waiting for all season. It’s DxD!

There was mixed reviews of this show, to be honest. A bunch of people complaining about the art style, a bunch of people complaining how the characters have changed, ugh, they annoyed me. Annoyed me a little much. The art style is from OG show is honestly not that bad, but the art style for season 4 is not bad, it’s just different from what we as the anime watchers are used to. The characters have not changed.

My favorite comment was “ They are making Issei look like a jerk! I hate this animation.”

First of all Issei was always this crazy, people just forgot because it’s been 3 years. I always have to call out dumb commenters.

I love the commercial break scenes. Dem Titties!

This show, picked up right where Season 3 left off, without the crappy anime ending. Don’t worry I only watched until episode 6 in Season 3, I didn’t watch the bad part.

They redid all the animation and stuff, which was pretty neat, but at the same time I felt like the characters were kind of static. I don’t know, it was weird, maybe I’m seeing things.

The fake Beezelbub guy sends Asia to another dimension and he killed her. Issei gets triggered and turns into full dragon mode and for a good 10 minutes, it looks like everyone is going to die.

I love how he said “ Let’s go home, Asia.” ( Tokyo ghoul fans are currently triggered.) When everyone hated Root-A, that meme was funny either way.

Meanwhile the Chaos Brigade(I’m going to call them the CB because I have trouble spelling), finds Asia in the interdimensional wilderness and they find Rias to return her, but then they see this mess. Why is the CB helping again? I thought they were trying to kill them? I guess Vali can’t fight Issei if they are dead. I don’t even know..

So they calm him down, by playing the sensational Red Dragon Tittes song( provided my the angel Irina)


And Rias has to let Issei touch her boobs, in front of everyone. In front of everyone. I would be dead.

All the girls love him! Harem. Okay, I would be poppin’ if I had a harem, but I wouldn’t like fighting other demons and other forces….

Then him and Asia run in the three-legged race together, but he hurts his leg and she has to heal him

Then Asia kisses him and says that she loves him. I found that cute even though Issei has his harem and he would probably like any of those girls.

In race of best girl in the harem, I like Asia or Akeno. Rias is top girl and should be best girl, but I like the relationship he has built with the those 2 girl. Koneko has a really nice relationship with Issei, too and I really like that too. Actually, all of them do. Ugh, then who best girl???

Anyways, I hoping to see this season in full. This is my show. This show was one of first shows I watched in middle school( yeah, I watched this in middle school. Have a problem with that?) This show is legend for me. And I loved it, when I first watched it. The complicated story filled with ecchi, that’s my thing.

Chance of Blogging: So High (99.9%)

Chance of My Tuesdays Getting Better: 90%

Everytime I think of DxD I think of these songs:

E-Rotic – Fritz Loves my Tits

My Darkest Days- Porn Star Dancing( Nightcore) [ the right one has DxD in it]


My name is Pandora and I have been watching anime since I was in middle school. I also enjoy gaming, listening to EDM music and throwback music, and reading.

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  1. zztop says:

    Apparently this episode was designed to retcon the bad anime original parts of S3.
    So the main story will only start next week. It’ll be covered in 12 eps. (Including this ep, S4 is 13 eps.)

    DxD’s author even retconned S3’s bad parts via a special light novel, DxD Ex, originally bundled with S3’s Blurays.

    S3’s bad stuff was an alternate timeline caused by time travel; Future Loki (S3’s villian) escapes prison and travels back in time with evil otherdimensional beings to destroy Issei and co. and conquer the world. Azazel teams up with Future Issei’s children, who have also time traveled, to end Loki’s plot.

    The author has confirmed S4 will cover Vols 9-10 of the LNs.

    There’s 25 volumes at present, so still plenty of material to adapt. Vol 25 is apparently the final volume, but the author intends to start a direct sequel, New High School DxD.

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