Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Kaikou Episode 4

What an oddly interesting episode!

It’s not often that Legend of the Galactic Heroes has felt so Slice of Lifey for me, and this episode almost made me forget about the battlefields we were watching just a few episodes ago. It’s strange yet I’m absolutely captivated by the idea of a how life below on the planets is almost just like life here. I think sometimes I forget that since the show has such a strong emphasis on spaceships and laser beams.

The episode starts with Yang’s obsession with history, all stemming from his interest in Rudolph. From his love for history comes his meeting with Jessica at the library, and then Jean comes along to tie the ribbon of friendship all together. Meanwhile, the show reveals Yang’s political beliefs through the wisdom he has learned from both his father and the history books. I think this development of Yang’s character is well done, and the words of a father to an impressionable childs should stick as they have.

The friendship between Jessica, Jean, and Yang was also quite nice. They seemed genuine and seemed to really enjoy each other’s company, and Jessica and Jean’s teasing of Yang was adorable. By fleshing the relationship of Yang and Jean out through this episode, I think viewers can now understand the gravity of what went down in the earlier episodes. Jean wasn’t just an acquaintance to Yang, but a best friend through Cadet School. Not only that, Yang is bound by that friendship to go and offer his respects to Jessica. Considering how friendly and kind Jessica came off to be during this episode, I am going to dread the moment when she hears the news of Jean’s death.

The simulation sequence in Cadet School was quite interesting and reminded me a lot of Ender’s Game. Classic Yang being underestimated by everyone around him except his closest friend. I’m really not sure how his opponent forgot about the supply line rule, must’ve been tunnel vision.

Yang’s success at El Facil was also recapped quite nicely considering how short the time was. I was wondering if this adaptation would touch upon why he was the Hero of El Facil, and I’m glad they did because it reveals an adorable little character in Frederica Greenhill! Very much looking forward to her role in the future.

Perhaps the biggest thing that might’ve stood out this episode, is the realities of Reinhard and Yang. They are such drastically different men, who have grown up in dramatically different worlds. Reinhard is driven by ambition, while Yang gazes back at the past. Reinhard’s history is rife with nobles and autocratic oppression, while Yang was the son of a trader. Even the vibes of their episodes were different, with Yang’s being much more Slice of Life and cozy, while Reinhard’s was ambitious and driven. This difference is some awesome shit.

I expected Julian Minci to arrive earlier in the episode, but I’m fine with him being the final scene as well. Considering what a huge role he plays in the series, I’m looking forward to his banter with Yang and their future interactions. I’m sure people are curious why the heck someone is sending a kid to an unwilling bachelor, but I’m sure the studio will touch upon that soon!

Once again, an awesome episode and the adaptation is killing it.


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  1. Princess Passa says:

    I was wondering how the decision for each episode to focus on one side was gonna play out and it worked really well here. Because if they went back and forth it would definitely interrupt the laid back vibe of Yang.

    I’m feeling this adaption a lot so far…

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