Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These – Kaikou Episode 3

Lots of stuff happening this episode! From Reinhard and Kircheis’ origin stories, the reveal of universe lore and how the current state the universe came to be, the Kaiser, the introduction of Oberstein, and where Reinhard’s motivation spawns from.

The introduction of the episode, aka the part before the opening, is pure historical exposition. I may not be remembering correctly, but in the original OVAs they revealed this history through a literal historical documentary that one of the character’s watch. Here they opted for a concise segment, and it hit all the main points, so I’m satisfied. So basically, Rudolph became a dictator and this guy named Heinessen took a bunch of people and fled to the other side of the galaxy, creating the Free Planets Alliance. Couple hundred years of development later, the two sides found each other again and have been engulfed in a state of war ever since! Can I just say they gave Rudolph some rocking mutton chops, they’re HUGE.

Reinhard’s promotion to Vice Commander of the Imperial Fleet is expected, and the show pans through a number of notable characters in the crowd. Characters we will no doubt be introduced to soon, so there’s no need to reveal anything. However, the show does focus on Admiral Muckenburger and Ovlesser, the latter of which has a rocking design. Ovlesser looks like the biggest badass in this adaptation, but Muckenburger kinda seems like Mario. As expected of the older elite within the Imperial Military, they’re hesitant to accept Reinhard as a superior and I wonder how long until these people realize, “Hey maybe I should just accept it.”

The introduction of Commodore Ansbach in the scene afterwards is very interesting. A true Imperial Soldier who accepts a commander who earns their way to the top. He scolds the others for undermining Reinhard and Kircheis’ accomplishments, and I’m sure everyone is eager to see what role he’ll play in the future.

Oberstein’s arrival is also a very big move. He’s a critical character in the original OVAs, and I’m sure he’ll be as important in the new adaptation. Quite creepy isn’t he? Artificial eyes, strange way of speaking, and almost deadpan. I found his interaction with Kircheis quite hilarious because it seemed to consist of Oberstein saying something possibly treasonous or really weird, and Kircheis just smiles and answers automatically.

Reinhard and Kircheis’ childhood flashback was extremely well done in my opinion. The meeting between the two is as one would expect from the very confident Reinhard, with Reinhard insulting Kircheis first name, but complimenting the last. Furthermore, they develop the dynamic between the two and Annerose, making the Kaiser’s choice to take her way, ever so much more painful. Reinhard chooses to ascend on the military ladder because if he wants to save his sister, give her a better life.

There’s also another layer to it, with the image of Rudolph. Reinhard stares at the statue, and while everyone salutes, Reinhard wants to see it tumble down and replaced by his own image. Not for a personal greed, but for a number of reasons. His sister is forcibly taken by the Kaiser, the Imperial Nobles are selfish and conceited, the impoverished are many on the streets, and the stars are waiting. I think this fleshes out Reinhard’s motivation extremely well, and the adaptation is reminding me why I loved Reinhard’s character so much in the original.

Kircheis’ character is also critical to Reinhard’s development because he is Reinhard’s rock. United by their love for Annerose, and captivated by Reinhard’s dream and ambition, Kircheis is the Guts to Reinhard’s Griffith. As Annerose puts it, Kircheis must guide Reinhard who may fall off a cliff because of his great agility. Reinhard has a dream of unspeakable proportions, one that is treasonous to even mention. But Kircheis supports it because it’s Reinhard, and if anyone can do it, he can.



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  1. BigFire says:

    Well, the flipped episode 3 & 4 from the OVA, so we’ll get Yang and his ‘reward’ for saving the remnant of 3 FPA fleets next episode.

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