Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei Bu Happy Kiss! – Episode 4

This episode is a little more focused on it’s pun based humor the the previous episodes. I’ve said it many times but the names of each monster of the week is always some kind of word play on their problem/what they’re going to turn into.This time the word play was Kingo, The baby boy name Kingo is pronounced KIHNGNGow †. Kingo’s language of origin is Japanese and it is also predominantly used in the Japanese language. The name’s meaning is ‘our gold’.
In this case, paired with his surname. His name makes a pun about buried treasure. Which his dad is obsessed with. In fact, they’re shooting a show about his pursuit of buried treasure up on Mount Binan near the school.

How does this apply to the Earth Defense Club? Well, aside from the fact that Taishi and Ichiro are arguing about if buried treasure exists or not. Oddly, Taishi seems to be on the ‘It does exist.’ train. Which is strange to me since he is the more logical of the two of them while Ichiro is the more impulsive type. So I expected them to be on opposite sides of the argument.
Well, they aren’t sure if there is treasure buried up on Mount Binan. Though what is buried up there is the time capsules that they buried as children.  In which apparently Ichiro wrote something rather embarrassing. So the club heads up to the mountain to dig up ‘treasure’ and by that I mean dig up their capsules.

The student council is there too. Because Unazuki’s family is funding the TV show and because they want to watch the Monster show up. They don’t really do anything but sit and drink tea though.

The Defense club digs up their capsules and in Ichiro’s is a super embarrassing letter about how he is totally gay for Wakura.
In Wakura’s is a complete write out of all of his classmates deepest and darkest secrets. Have I mentioned that since last week that I think I love Wakura? A lot? He’s a beautiful sadist and I adore the hell out of him so far. Kyōtarō takes something from his own time capsule and slips it into his own pocket, right before the enemy of the week attacks.

Honestly, Kyōtarō talks him down in no time at all. In fact, it’s full of so little action that  Furanui sends the Monster into Berserker mode just to get some kind of action and threat going on. So the Monster slings large coins everywhere before the Defense Club makes them Happy again.
It’s resolved rather easily and the look of annoyance on Ata’s face is rather apparent. Oh, there is also not buried treasure on the mountain. There is a hot spring that Kingo’s dad discovers. So they’re gonna get the credit for finding it as the city builds a bath there. So in a way, they made money…so it was buried treasure?

Anyways speaking of Ata. After the fight with the Monster, we see the defense club at the bath once again and they ask what it is that Kyōtarō took from his Time Capsule. It’s a picture of himself, Ryoma and someone at first I honestly thought was a girl. Though in fact it’s Ata. Apparently they used to be pretty close as kids.
What fractured their friendship?
What is their relationship exactly? I am immensely interested! He sends a text of the picture to Ata and says he found it in the time capsule and I had a hard time really interpreting  his reaction. This is a backstory for another episode though and sadly it doesn’t look like it’s going to be the next one. It’s probably going to be saved for the series finally, just as the relationship between the Defense Club and the student council was kept for the season finally in the first season.

Next episode seems like it’s going to focus on Maasa and Ichiro!

I know i’ve said it before, but it bares reinstating that Happy Kiss is fulfilling my every wish when it came to the Binan series. Actual character development and growth for the characters outside the main character. I can already tell you more about Wakura then I could about Ryuu. While this might of not been my favorite episode of this season so far, I did love the slight moments of development that we got. Ichiro’s admiration of Wakura. Wakura’s true nature as a sadist and the slight hints of the past bond between Kyōtarō and Ata!


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