Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei Bu Happy Kiss! – Episode 2 [Lunch Time]

The last episode ended with us seeing the Furanui Knights, or in other words, the schools student council. This episode opens up with some backstory on how they ended up serving Furanui in the first place. After coming to earth and finding himself on the campus of Binan High, Furanui was devastated to see it running rampant with every vice and sin imaginable.
The worst of all, a sloth that even sucked his motivation dry. Kyōtarō is resting on a bench and as Furanui approaches him, even he feels his will to move being sucked away. This is when the student council president Ata approaches and reprimands Kyōtarō for his behavior. Furanui, seeing that all inhabitants of earth may not be useless follows Ata and demands he becomes his knight. As Ata refuses, Furanui shows off his magic power. This sways Ata to his side and he agrees to become a knight for Furanui in exchange for magical power.

Ata brings Furanui to the student council and instructs them that they too are going to become knights for Furanui.

Meanwhile, in the present time, the earth defense club has just entirely stopped listening or caring about their story at all. Napping, playing games, giving back messages and when they are confronted about it they pretty much say “Well, it has nothing to do with us.”
Which isn’t true really, since they are pretty much saying they are going to rule over the world and make everyone do their bidding. Though the Defense club doesn’t seem to care much, after all, they’re the student council, they kind of make the rules anyway. So the defense club walks off, leaving the student council to go make our Monster of the week.

This show has had some bad puns through the seasons, but naming your lunch based monster Bentaro…I would say I thought better of you, but that would be a lie.

So insecure about the cute, low calorie lunches that his mom makes him. Bentaro gets turned into the Cute Bento monster and begins rampaging around. So it’s up to the Earth Defense club to transform and make him happy again. Of course, Kyōtarō has no interest in this what so ever.
In fact, he’d rather be an extra, one half cut off by the side of the screen. So after convincing him to transform, Ryoma goes to talk the monster down. How could he be ashamed when his mother was only trying her hardest to make healthy lunches for him.

This probably would of worked, if it wasn’t for the critical fact that she was posting the images of her lunches to social media. Immediately making herself look selfish as opposed to just wanting to help her son. The Monster changes forms and goes berserk and then Kyōtarō steps in and is like…

“Why don’t you make your own lunches.”

and blasts the monster, just to end the battle because he’s hungry and doesn’t want to stand around exerting effort like this anymore. So with the Monster defeated, the student council backs off for the time being and the Defense club goes to take a nice hot bath at the Hakone bathhouse. To even they question why they’re doing it and the answer is basically “Kind of an old habit.”. Is that an in character response or the animators and writers making fun of themselves? Your guess is as good as mine.

I feel almost bad to admit as of episode 2, I am liking Happy Kiss more than I liked either of the original two seasons. There could be a variety of reasons for this, I could like Kyōtarō far more than I ever liked Yumoto as a protagonist. It could be because the main conflict seems to be between Kyōtarō and Ata as well as the two alien brothers, as the first season should of been a conflict between Yufin and Kinshiro or perhaps the true reason I like this season so much is because of how little it cares about anything. Fourth wall? what fourth wall? I didn’t see any fourth wall.


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