Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei Bu Happy Kiss! – Episode 1 [First Impressions]

Oh boy, so where do I begin with this? Happy Kiss is already shaping up to be every bit as bizarre as it’s predecessors. After watching both of the original seasons and the OVA, I couldn’t help but be curious to see what direction they were going to take an entirely new cast.
So far I am enjoying what i’m seeing. We meet the new ‘Earth Defense Club’ as they sit and drink tea and eat Daifuku in the club room, the topic of discussion, if there was an Earth Defense Club before them. They joke about a group that would fight against aliens for the defense of the earth and how their enemies would be the ‘Conquest Club’ because it’s the opposite of the Earth Defense Club, as you may be aware I adore self-aware humor so I really liked this part of the episode.

After this, we see the school’s student council. Which, like the first season, will serve as the villians and we see the upcoming Monster of the week. A student fearing entering puberty because they won’t be adorable anymore. More about them later, let’s head back to a series staple. Establishing things at the Bathhouse!

Our new cast heads to the Hakone bathhouse and goes to rest and relax, unfortunately for them, this is where they run into an Alien prince. Karurusu, prince of Honyaraland or Karls by Crunchyroll’s subs has come to earth to see who is worthy to be King between him and his brother Rafunui [Furanui by CR subs]. Karls turns into an otter and later in the episode we see that Furanui takes the form of a blue fox like creature, maintaining the cute fluffy mascot aliens tradition we had from the previous seasons.

Karls wishes for them to become his knights and at first, they all refuse with various excuses of why they need to leave and go home. Karls, not standing for this, transports them to the school in their bathtowls and shows them a monster made from an Unhappy person. He uses magic to make them make contracts and become his knights, much the same way that Wombat used magic to force the powers on the boys in the previous series. They begin fighting the Monster and I am genuinely already happier with this setup then I was with the previous series. Everyone is getting an equal chance to fight which if you read my season one reviews was a HUGE problem.

Though this may be in part due to the fact that the color ‘red’ or the leader color fell to the most lazy member of the club. Kyōtarō Shuzenji seems to be the opposite of Yumoto in almost every way, where as Yumoto was cheerful, energetic and optimistic, Kyotaro is lazy, unmotivated and unsympathetic to others He even remarks that he doesn’t really think that red is his color. 
After bringing down the Monster of the Week, we see the student council in their Magical Knight outfits. They will be fighting for Furanui, while the Earth Defense Club fights for Karls.

Honestly, this episode was a lot of fun. It seems to hold a lot of charm from the old series in the comedy style. The characters this season seem rather fun and interesting as well. Taishi Manza and Ichiro Dōgo, the two first years are my favorite characters so far and I hope that they get a time to shine that my favorite characters in the previous two seasons never got.

Is this prince vs prince plot as upfront as it sounds? Is this just another reality show twist waiting to happen? Will the series unnecessarily focus on one character and leave the others in the dust? Only time and more episodes will tell us.

Possibility of watching: There is no doubt
Possibility of blogging: Oh you couldn’t keep me away if you tried [Guaranteed!]


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  1. zztop says:

    Bouei-bu has done pretty well for itself, considering it had to start from the ground up with no established franchise backing it and whose initial longevity solely depended on Bluray sales. In another world, it could have been a forgettable seasonal original anime title.

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